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Works & Projects

Bitmanagment Software
Together withe coleagues Peter Schickel and Axel Körfer we founded Bitmanagement Software. We provide components for interactive 3D visualization based on ISO Standardas VRML/X4D and MPEG-4 as well as custom 3D solutions.


Carl Zeiss Powerdome
In 2004 and 2005 I have designed the architecture and developed most of the rendering software for the Carl Zeiss PowerDome system. It is an scalabled multi channel projection system for Dome projection. It supports realtime composition and animation of different media using a 3D Engine. It handles also the realtime geometry distortion and blending. Another highlight is the support for super high defintion Video up to 4k by 4k pixels without prerendering for the different output channels.


Fraunhofer - First
Worked on different projects like Realtime image generation, Cave System, VR-Object Display, LaserCave : Multi-channel realtime geometry calibration and blending, Dome image generator.
Keno Lotto Drawing system for Lotto Hessen with live generated TV 3D Animation

MPEG-System Groups,Worked on the definition of MPEG-4 AFX (Animation Framework eXtensionand) and MPEG-4 BIFS Multi-User Extensions .

Development of the first advanced MPEG-4 3D System implemenation including 3D, 2D, Live Video Streaming, Face and Body animation and Text to Speech


blaxxun interactive
blaxxun interactive


blaxxun interactive has used the GLView / Contact3D technology for their multi-user plugin including VRML 2.0, 3D avatars, shared behaviours and more.

blaxxun interactive terminated its operation in the beginning of 2002,
since then the technology is provided and further developed by Bitmanagment Software.

For a Multiuser Communities visit Cybertown or visit one of the many multi-user worlds.


GLView 4.4 

GLView is a standalone VRML 1.0/2.0 Browser and 3D File Viewer for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98. 

GLView is available as Direct 3D and OpenGL Version. 

GLView is unsupported, if you need a plugin, a standalone or a C++ library version please follow the links to Bitmanagement Software.


"We expect that GLView will become a favorite of graphics professionals for viewing 2-D and 3-D graphics formats of all descriptions and optimizing their presentation." 
GLView was a top finalist for the Best of COMDEX Byte award. 
HOOPS Graphics Systems. Developed by Ithaca Sofware, later taken over by Autodesk for the 3DS Max Heidi Rendering Layer, the software then moved to TechSoft.

Other information

Me (Left) & Matthias Jastram - Lunatic interactive (right)


Documentation of GLView VRML 1.0 extension nodes 

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