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Updated 03/20/2002


hard & stormy times

Again a demise of (web) 3D companies :

Nan (blender), Echtzeit, Artemedia, Okupi , Elsa

now blaxxun, my loveley home for the past 5 years is in trouble.

Seen that in the past with Cosmo Software/SGI, Newfire, Intervista, VReam, Platinum/CA put Cosmo in the dust.

MM Whats wrong with 3D ?

Is Flash enough, I need to do an authoring tool ....


Newer 3D WEB art work

Some new ART pieces using VRML


Stani Michiels

SPACE-LAB[AU] space.navigable music

From WEB3DART 2002

Craig Chun / Vishal Dar - Untitled Space (looks good, but where is the VRML ?)

Melinda Rackham's -empyre- media email list (Archive)


Save 2nd world

Save the "2ème monde", the most important VRML community in France,

Please, sign the petition here : Vincent Gardet


Mardi Gras Parade 2/2002

A great project from the Cybertown world builders guild.

Parade Image


The World


Metaplay project

The idea is to have an mediaplayer supporting all common formats.The player should be intelligent, that means learns about your preferences (style, artist etc), should adapt to your current mood, should be able to get meta information from music websites on the web. Other goals are managing large media assets (e.g. move less preferred media to an CD-R or to the trashcan) have a configurable user interface, advertising free ....

However doing all that gets complex and many commericial projects going into similar directions:

Real Networks RealOne now manages a media database.
Musicmatch Jukebox and Microsoft Windows Mediaplayer are getting better.

There are attempts ( to analyze MP3 data in order to detect style, tempo and similar artitsts.


Peter's VRML project - The 3D Earth

Random Entry

A complete 3D model of the earth in VRML is dynamically created from a GTOPO30 database. I think its the largest walkable VRML model ever generated.


As a nice complementary project see Stan Odgen's project Landmark, where visitors can plant trees.
In the beginning the world had trees only in some exposed locations, now it is crowded arround the entry view. (you might need to turn off collission using control-c in order to walk through the forrest.)


Stan Odgen - Virtuality

A great collection of artistic worlds, tips and links :



Thyme's Techuelife Island

A marvelous generated landscape with many scripted surprises.


Elevator Attack - Game demo

A fun VRML game, yes done by Roland Smeenk.


Sound design in VRML ?

Contact 5.1 improves support for 4 speaker setup. This allows to position sounds around you.

Here is the experiment :

sound_scape0.wrl Walk around & use the viewpoint keys, for moving floating sounds
drag new MP3 (<200K )/ wav files or url's into scene, to create new balls, if the cursor is over a sound ball there is an additional menu on right-click.

Some more sound files from are here.

After playing with EAX and some other Direct Sound options, I think more support for these features should be added in some next Contact version.


Painting with 3D objects

A little fun extension in Contact 5.1, the screen is not cleared between renderings. So if the viewpoint or the object is moving, it is leaving a trail.

Demo: sphere_paint.wrl Drag with the mouse to change the view

Demo: sphere_paint_blend.wrl Variation with a background fading each frame

Demo: particle_fx_paint.wrl And with particles for deepwave



Playing with Deepwave 10/2000

Deepwave from Geometrek is a plugin for Winamp. It allows getting spectrum data from the current playing song and to driver an animation in VRML with that data.


The idea is great, and here are my experiments with it : Deepwave worlds



Quake 3 files to VRML 12/2000

An after hour project to convert Id software's Quake 3 levels to VRML with optional support for Contact 5.0 multitexturing.
Basic geometry and lighting effects are transfered, its not completed as it could be.


The ideas where :

More info and download


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