VRML 97 Worlds & links.


Some worlds at cybertown World designed by : The Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick - 3D Worlds Gallery Sound - Space

fabric | ch

Lunatic interactive

Terra Tools

shout interactive
Animations are starting with a mouse click.

Virtuality (STAN'S PLACE) (check also the well sorted Link section)

Charles Csuri

Multiface --- frederic fenollabbate

Protozoa- Content now offline :-(

Paul S. Hoffman • Space Art

VRML Multi-User communities or projects using blaxxun technology

GameSpot 3D Model gallery

Video Games 3D Model gallery


uma / virtual real-estate

Tamiko Thiel New Media Art


  • vrml-art.org
  • Web3d art 2002
  • Avatar Studio



    blaxxun Contact Demos & infos

    links/sites/communities/fanclubs using blaxxun Contact

    Misc VRML 2.0 Examples

    Links to VRML meta sites


    Of interest


    Resources for VRML world builders

    Links to VRML 1.0 stuff, sample scenes and objects (very very old)

    Out of Cyberspace

    Please let me know if these works are still on the net somewhere.

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