Q3BSP Quake III to VRML 97

Updated 04/06/2001



About Q3BSP

Q3BSP is a tool to convert Quake3 map files (bsp extension) to VRML 97.

The original version of Q3BSP, by John W. Ratcliff can export lightmapped scenes to VRML 1.0 as 2 separate files.
This original q3bsp version is here http://www.flipcode.com/cgi-bin/msg.cgi?showThread=COTD-Q3BSP&forum=cotd&id=-1

The extended version supports VRML97.

Some added features are :


q3bsp.zip - source code, need MSVC 6 to compile (1 Meg)

q3bsp_exe.zip - binary (100 k)

readme.txt - readme file



Converted from the id Software Quake III Arena Demo
rendered in blaxxun Contact 5.0 - DX7 Driver viaVRML with MultiTexture extensions:




How to use it

Get Q3 or any Q3 maps (bsp,shader & textures) or Q3 Team Arena Demo.

Rename the .pk3 file to .zip

Extract the files (at minimum files with bsp tga jpg shader extensions)

Copy q3bsp.exe to that directory & run q3bsp from the command line in the top-level directory e.g.

VRML 97 output

q3bsp -2 maps\q3dm1

VRML 97 with Contact multitexturing output (q3effects.wrl need be in the directory as well):

  q3bsp -2m maps\q3dm1


And for what ?

Experimenting with Multi-texturing

Using quake map builduing tools for creating VRML

publishing maps for preview on the web

Using quake map lighting tools for creating light maps

The conversion right now is of course rudimentary,
no support for visibility managment (PVS, BSP etc), more shader features, delayed or multipath rendering with proper blendmodes.


References & Links

id software Quake III


Info & Resources for builders

Buildertools etc.http://www.planetquake.com/quake3/files.shtml

GtkRandiant - http://www.qeradiant.com http://quake3.qeradiant.com
q3ase Shader file editor http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=56919