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Erich Rast, PhD

Philosophy of Language,  Value Theory, Logic, Ontology, Formal Epistemology, 20th Century Philosophy

  • Articles & Book Chapters
    • Towards a Model of Argument Strength for Bipolar Argumentation Graphs. Studies in Logic,  Grammar, and Rhetoric 55 (68) 2018, pp. 31-62. (link)
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    • Introduction to Meaning and Context (together with L. Baptista), In Rast / Baptista (eds.): Meaning and Context, Peter Lang 2011, pp. 1-17.
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    • A Remark About Essential Indexicals. The Reasoner Vol. 2, No. 10 (Oct. 2008), pp. 5-6.
    •  Reference and Indexicality. PhD Thesis, Roskilde University 2006. (Thesis and book differ in pagination and some of the content.)
    • What do we believe in? In: Guldborg-Hansen, Pelle / Pedersen, Stig Andur: Shipping News. Vol. 3 (December 2003). PHIS. Roskilde University Press, Denmark.
  • Books
    • Baptista, L. and Rast, E. (eds.): Meaning and Context. New York, Bern: Peter Lang 2010. ISBN 978-3-0343-0574-7.
  •  Talks
    • 2019-07-11 MERELY Workshop on Metalinguistic Negotiation and Conceptual Engineering, Universidade de Lisboa: Some Remarks About Theory Change and Topic Continuity. (pdf)
    • 2019-05-17 Uppsala Higher Seminar in Practical Philosophy, Uppsala University (by invitation of Erik Carlson): A Multidimensional Approach to 'better than'. (pdf)
    • 2019-04-12 Value Seminar, IFILNOVA, Universidade de Lisboa: Does Collective Action Require We-Intentions? (pdf)
    • 2019-02-05 ArgLab Colloqium, IFILNOVA, Universidade de Lisboa: Multidimensional 'better than'.
    • 2019-01-23 Ethics and Political Philosophy Reading Group, EPLap, IFILNOVA, Universidade de Lisboa: Discussion of Klocksiem (2016): "How to accept the transitivity of 'better than'." (pdf)
    • 2018-12-19 CFCUL Reasoning Group, Universidade de Lisboa: Multidimensional 'better than' and Decision Making.
    • 2018-09-28 ArgLab Colloqium, IFILNOVA: Reasons for the Occasional Illusion of Faultless Moral Disagreement. (pdf)
    • 2018-05-24 Ethics and Political Philosophy Group, IFILNOVA: Value Disagreement and Meaning.
    • 2018-03-16 Values in Argumentative Discourse Research Seminar, IFILNOVA: Lexicographic Principles in the Theory of Value Structure. (pdf)
    • 2017-12-15 Values in Argumentative Discourse Research Seminar, IFILNOVA: Passing the Buck the Right Way. (pdf)
    • 2017-06-09 Values in Argumentative Discourse Research Seminar, IFILNOVA: Argument Strength for Bipolar Argument Graphs. (pdf)
    • 2017-05-14 Philang 2017, Lodz, Poland: Value Disagreement and Dual Aspect Semantics. (pdf)
    • 2016-10-21, Langcog Group, Universidade de Lisboa: Implicit Value Disagreement. (pdf)
    • 2016-10-21, ArgLab Colloquium, Universidade Nova de Lisboa: Value Disagreement and Different Aspects of Meaning. (pdf)
    • 2016-06-16, 3rd International Conference Economic Philosophy (PhiloEco2016), GREQAM, Aix-en-Provence, France: Perspectival Disagreement. (pdf)
    • 2016-02-23, IFILNOVA Institute of Philosophy, Lisbon, Research Colloquium: Is There Nonsymmetric Disagreement?
    • 2015-06-17, Decisions, Games and Logic 2015, London School of Economics, UK: Making up one's mind: from values to value judgments. (pdf)
    • 2015-06-10, 1st European Conference on Argumentation: Argumentation and Reasoned Action, Lisbon: Comment on Hitchcock's "All Things Considered."
    • 2014-09-05, Congresso Português de Filosofia da SPF 2014, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon :  How tenable is Negative Utilitarianism? (pdf)
    • 2014-07-08, Encontro IFL 2014: Order-based values - their scope and their limits. (pdf)
    • 2013-04-08, GV-Conf 2013: Evaluating time-continuous action alternatives from the perspective of Negative Utilitarianism. [not properly peer-reviewed] In Sovreski, Z., Mokryš, M., Badura, S. & Lieskovský,A.:  Proceedings of the Global Virtual Conference 2013 (ISBN: 978-80-554-0649-7), EDIS - University of Žilina, pp. 349-351. (pdf
    • 2012-12-11, IFL: Soft moral choice. (pdf slides)
    • 2012-03-16, Knowledge and Disagreement, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon: Disagreement and understanding what has been said. (pdf slides)
    • 2011-07-07, IFL: On the interplay between subjective plausibility and default reasoning in the context of interpreting natural language utterances. (pdf slides)
    • 2011-05-13, PhiLang 2011, Łodz: Nonindexical context-dependence and the interpretation as abduction approach. (pdf slides) (Note: In my opinion abduction only makes sense when you also consider a rational way of revising the underlying plausibility ordering/preference relation in light of new evidence. Anything else would be cheating.)
    • 2010-11-03, LogKCA-10, Donostia: Plausibility revision in higher-order logic with an application in two-dimensional semantics. (pdf slides)
    • 2010-06-09, OFA 6, Lisbon: Some argument against epistemic contextualism.
    • 2009-11-12, Epiconfor, University of Nancy/MSH Lorraine: Context as assumptions (pdf slides)
    • 2009-09-18, ENFA 4, University of Evora, Portugal: Whose context anyway?
    • 2009-07-15, IFL, New University of Lisbon, Portugal: Classical possibilism and fictional objects. (pdf slides) (Note: In this and the previous talk, description theory is primarily used for illustrative purposes. As I have argued in Reference&Indexicality Millianism is adequate for modelling a narrow notion of semantic reference.)
    • 2009-06-18, BW6, University of Barcelona, Spain: Possibilia and the description theory of reference.
    • 2009-05-08, SPR09, University of the Basque Country, Donostia/San Sebastian: Context and interpretation. (pdf slides)
    • 2009-02-21 OFA5, Lisbon: Description theory and identifying reference. (manuscript)
    • 2008-11-26, IFL: Quantifier Domain restriction in categorial grammar. (pdf slides)
    • 2008-02-22, IFL: Indexicality and information II. (IFL General Seminar Series.)
    • 2008-02-08, IFL: Indexicality and information I. IFL General Seminar Series.
    • 2007-12-19, 'Emotion, Cognition, Communication', UNL: Pragmatic context.
    • 2007-05/06, Humboldt University Berlin: Logische Aspekte der Bezugnahme. (short series of invited talks)
    • 2006-12-14, Roskilde University, Denmark: Talk of PhD defense. (pdf slides)
    • 2005-07-01, Humboldt University Berlin: Deskriptivismus und modale Aspekte der Existenz. (pdf slides)
    • 2004-11-06, 3rd PHIS Graduate Conference: Modest possibilism. (pdf slides)
    • 2003-12-12, 2nd PHIS Graduate Conference: Presentation of PhD project "Indexicality and Reference". (Powerpoint presentation)
    • 2003-09-19, RUC Friday Seminar: Are essential indexicals really essential? (handout)