Considering Scientology?

If you are considering taking part in Scientology, taking courses or joining staff, ask Wendy's Questions first. What do you have to lose by asking your Scientology contact a few questions?

Question 1: "How long have you been involved in Scientology?"

Question 2: "Are you trying to recruit me into any type of organization?"

Question 3: "Can you tell me the names of all the other organizations that are affiliated with this group?"

Question 4: "Who is the top leader? What are his background and qualifications? Does he have a criminal record?"

Question 5: "What does your group believe?"

Question 6: "Does your group believe that the ends justify the means? Is deception allowed in certain circumstances?"

Question 7: "What are members expected to do when they join? Do I have to quit school or work, donate my money and property, or cut myself off from family members or friends who might oppose my membership?"

Question 8: "Is your group considered to be controversial by anyone? If people are critical of your group, what are their main objectives?"

Question 9: "How do you feel about former members of your group? Have you ever sat down to speak with a former member to find out why he left the group? If not, why not? Does your group impose restrictions on communicating with former members?"

Question 10: "What are the three things you like least about the group and the leader?"

Questions are from the book Combatting Cult Mind Control, by Steven Hassan, and can be asked of any group that might be practicing mind control. Discussion about Scientology by Wendy, who has no affiliation with and does not represent Steven Hassan. If you have a family member in Scientology, read Combatting Cult Mind Control. Sending Wendy's Questions to a Scientologist is not a substitute for competent exit counselling, and may have an unintended negative impact on your relationship.
Here's a quick list of things to do and things to avoid.
FACTNet Page on Mind Control. Does Scientology fit the pattern of other mind control groups?