q1"How long have you been involved in Scientology?"

If your contact has been in Scientology for a number of years, they should certainly know the answers to fairly basic questions. If they claim not to know the answer to a question you think is obvious, perhaps they are not being totally with you.

Scientology representatives have been known to "not know" some basic information about the group when questioned by the media. Leisa Goodman, a public relations person with decades of experience in Scientology was once on MTV in an interview with Kurt Loder. Loder asked her about Xenu, the space ruler who critics claim is a part of the upper levels of Scientology. She replied "I don't know what you're talking about". Scientology has since sued Scientology critics for posting materials about Xenu to the Internet, claiming it infringes on their copyrights.

Public relations representative Brian Anderson was once asked by a Clearwater TV newsperson about the group's "Fair Game" policy to harass and "destroy utterly" critics and detractors. He claimed that in over 20 years as a Scientologist, "I have never seen that policy". But Fair Game is clearly defined in the policy "Penalties for Lower Conditions", and is on the bookshelf of every Scientology bookstore.

If the Scientologist you are talking to has been in Scientology for a long time, but claims not to know some basic information, or about Xenu or Fair Game, do you think they're being honest with you? Does he or she change the topic when you bring up uncomfortable subjects, or avoid giving you a straight answer? Do they refer you to a book instead of telling you what they personally believe? Shouldn't somebody who has been in Scientology a long time be able to tell you directly?