q2 "Are you trying to recruit me into any type of organization?"

Scientology has a large number of organizations. Small locations are called "missions", larger locations are "orgs". A paramilitary branch of Scientology is called the "Sea Org", in which they wear uniforms and have military ranks. You may not be asked to join staff immediately, but if you are, you can expect to sign a contract for a year or two. There are signs at almost every org, "Now Hiring". But the jobs they offer pay at most $20 per week.

If you join the Sea Org, you will be asked to sign a contract for one billion years, to serve Scientology in this life, and all your future lives that you have through reincarnation.

If your contact is not a mission holder or a staff member, perhaps they are a Field Staff Member (FSM). As an FSM, he or she will get a percentage of everything you spend on Scientology, as a commission for recruiting you.

If you can afford Scientology processing, you might not be asked to join an org as staff. "Public" members take courses in Scientology, paying large sums of money to reach the secret upper levels. If you don't have a large savings account, and can't afford all the courses and levels, expect to be offered a staff position of some sort. Scientology does not provide services for free to members who can't afford them. Beginning staff chores are usually janitorial or writing letters to people, urging them to come in for courses.

Take note of what your contact tells you about joining the Scientology organization. If you find things are not as he or she described later on, what does that say about Scientology?