Scientology and the Courts, Lists of Cases


Last revised: January 25, 1997

It is my ambition ultimately to compile a list of all litigation involving scientology and its related organizations. The material currently collected on this web site is just a small beginning. The following lists, which are not integrated with one another at the moment, currently are available on this site:

  • An alphabetical list of cases, including links to relevant documents available on this web site or elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Scientology's own list of cases as of 1993. In connection with its application for non-profit status under federal tax law, the IRS required the Church of Scientology to submit a list of litigation in which it had been involved. The list, submitted as part of its IRS Form 1023, includes the organization's very interesting comments about the litigation, including the cases involving David Mayo, Lawrence Wollersheim, Frank Gerbode, Gerry Armstrong, and others. At the moment, the document does not contain links to the information on this site concerning these various cases. (Some day .....).
  • Scientology as a religion: A list of cases provided by scientologist Cory Brennan in a message posted on alt.religion.scientology, stated to be cases in which scientology was recognized as a religion. Apparently the list is taken from a scientology publication.
  • Scientology in Germany: A list of cases provided by Tilman Hausherr, in a message posted on alt.religion.scientology, stated to be cases brought by and against scientology and scientologists in Germany.