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Date:         1996/09/14
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Germany's big wins

Note that scientology has also won court cases. I have a few. I could
include them when scientology includes their "losses" and removes their
bogus wins. Believe me: scientology won less.

(#) are changes since the last post
(*) are major wins

February 1993: Rostock prosecution raids the office of scientologist
Detlef Foullois (OT8), who is arrested.

#* 14.8.1993: The Nymphenburg (near Munich) franchise lost a court case
against a retired engineer to whom they had promised "you'll get clear
with less that DM 100,000". He sued for the difference (DM 28,934.28),
and won. The court stated that the contract was "automatically
indecent". According to a SPIEGEL article (37/96), Scientology settled
with the plaintiff to prevent the sentence of getting public. (LG
München 1, Az 28 O 23490/92).

7.1.1993, 2.2.1993: Scientologist Uwe Krumholz loses his court case
against the "Berliner Zeitung", in which he tried to force the newspaper
to print his rebuttal, in which he disputes the allegation that he is a
scientologist. (Which is foolish - he was the driving force in the
Berlin Narconon scam in the 70ies, which resulted in the end of the
state funding of Narconon)

June 1993: Detlef Foullois (OT8) and Karl-Eric Heilig (clear), both
"Patron Gold Meritorious" and donors of a $ 1,000,000 each, are
sentenced to 26 months in jail for tax evasion and subsidies fraud. They
only escape a higher sentence because the Hamburg org immediately pays
DM 2,800,000 (about $2,000,000) in back taxes.

2.6.1993, 13.8.1993: Scientologist Johanna Erdtmann ("SN Colours") loses
her court case in which she tried to prohibit being called a
scientologist. (LG München 5 O 7214/92, OLG München 21 U 1717/93)

9.11.93: The Nymphenburg franchise is sentenced to pay back DM 28,934.-
to a customer. (LG München I 28 O 23490/92)

On 9.10.1994, scientology vice-president Franz Riedl claims to be
penniless, but nevertheless gets sentenced to a fine of DM 18,000 for
libelling Pastor Gerd Glaser. The court is unimpressed by Riedl's "past
lives" excuses. (AG Hamburg 141 Js 769/93)

On 11.10.1994, the city of Bremen revokes the status of scientology
Bremen ("deregistration"). [any court case ???]

On 3.11.1994, a scientologist gets arrested after kidnapping his son and
a wild car chase, and after trying to strangle his son (police had to
break the window of the car to prevent this to succeeding).

On 13.12.1994, two scientologist real estate companies ("Breitling &
Partner" and "HG Grundstücksgesellschaft") lose their court case against
a newspaper (taz) who had named them in an article critical of
scientology. (Geschäftsnummer 27.0.612/94)

??? 1994/1995: Berlin Police Officer Volker K. gets suspended for using
scientology's "personality tests" in police training. Law enforcement
confiscates one hard disk of the Berlin scientology org. He appeals the
fine of DM 16,000. (His case is still pending trial. The trial on
25.4.1996 did not take place, because the prosecution computer expert
was on vacation.)

* On 2.3.1995, the federal administrative court rules that scientology
Hamburg has to register a commercial business for its profit activities,
finally ending an 11 year old litigation. The court left it open wether
scientology is a religion or not.
(Az: BVerwg 1 B 205 und 206.93 vom 16. Februar 1995)

* On 22.3.1995, scientology Hamburg loses a motion before the federal
labor court, which decides that scientology is not a religion. 
(Az.: 5 AZB 21/94)
(link to,

* On 29.3.1995, the administrative court in Cologne declines to set a
TRO against federal labor minister Norbert Blüm, who had called
scientology a "criminal money laundering organisation" and a "cartel of
oppression with contempt for human beeings" in a newspaper interview,
and also said that their leaders are "criminals" and their members are
be submitted to "brainwashing" (Court ref.: 10 L 1942/94)

On 10.4.1995, the head of scientology Hamburg, Wiebke Hansen, is removed
by Kurt Weiland and Mark Lizer. She has not been seen since then.

On 10.5.1995, Organisations of tenants, real estate owners and real
estate brokers unite in a "konzertierte aktion" against scientologists
real estate businesses

On 14.6.1995, Scientology Bremen forced to register as a business,
because court sees behaviour as commercial. (VG Bremen, 5 A 16/94)

On 24.6.1995, Berlin demo. See at

On 5.7.1995, a scientologist real estate company loses its court case in
Berlin against tenants who had put banners negative to scientology

August 1995: MP Renate Rennebach investigates scientology's allegation
that two children were expelled out of a kindergarden. She finds out
that of the two children, one *is* attending classes there, and the
other was never *expelled*: instead, the protestant church community who
runs the private kindergarden refused the application because of fear of
the parents scientology proselytising. The child is attending classes in
a public kindergarden.

On 4.9.1995, parents boycott a school class because a teacher had
proselytised scientology in school. The parents even take the education
of their children in their own hands, teaching their children
themselves. The teacher, who previously already had been reassigned five
times after parent protests, is later removed from the school.

On 10.10.1995, a scientologist real estate business in Hamburg loses a
court case against the Berlin tenants organisation, who had listed him
as a scientologist.

On 15.10.1995, news come out that the german flavor of CCHR had contacts
with serial killer Thomas Holst at the time he was in psychiatry.

On 15.11.1995, scientology Hannover loses two court cases, so that they
cannot sell books in the public, nor approach passers-by in public 
(OVG Lüneburg, Az: 12 L 1856/93 und 12 L 2141/93)

On 22.12.1995, Chick Corea loses his court case against the state of
Baden-Württemberg in connection with his non-participation at the
state-sponsored concert at the world athletics championship. The
audience has a good laugh in court when the judge asks if a "world
famous pianist like him" needs state-paid concerts to survive
(He has appealed).

* On 23.1.1996, Klaus Kempe's real estate company in Düsseldorf loses
the right to teach students the business because of the use of the
scientology personality test. (VG Düsseldorf, Az: 3L 4227/93 and/or (?) 
3 K 12881/94 )

On 23.1.1996, scientology agrees to register as a commercial business in

On 24.1.1996, scientology loses a court case in Stuttgart, prohibiting
them to sell on the streets.

On 29.1.1996, the scientology franchise in Mannheim loses a court case
before the administrative court in Karlsruhe, thus is forced to register
as a business (Az: 6 K 2681/95). The court says that it does not matter
wether they actually earn money or not, since the purpose of scientology
is to. 

On 19.3.1996, a scientologist in Heidelberg is convicted to pay a fine
for threatening to murder a 17 year old, who was critical of scientology
and member of the students organsisation of the CDU party. He had said:
"This is a real death threat from a real scientologist".

Around March 1996: Franz Riedl, spokesman of scientology Germany, who
appeared in the last two editions of "Freiheit" with an editorial, is no
longer there. (he resurfaced in august)

On 15.4.1996, a member of the consumer organisation ABI (Mr. Kleinman)
wins his (criminal) trial for libelling a scientologist. He had called
him a member of a "white collar criminal cult". The prosecution drops
the case after hearing that the scientologist had previously called him
a "nazi criminal who was born 60 years too late".

* On 5.6.1996, Labor minister Norbert Blüm wins again, this time before
the superior administrative court in Münster, which allows him to
continue to call scientology a "contemptous cartel of opresssion" and a
"giant octopus". The court also didn't mind him saying that "its leaders
are criminals" and that "the members are brainwashed", and that
scientology is promoting a "deluded ideology". He can also name them as
"criminal money-laundering organisation", because the minister did not
mean the crime of money-laundering as defined in the law, instead he
stated in simple language that scientology gets huge anounts of money
thru reprehensible methods, this money partly coming from criminality,
and then invests this money in corporations to hide all these
circumstances. The court agreed with scientology being called a "giant
octopus" because scientology's own doctrine of expansion and penetration
qualifies for such an attack. (OVG Münster, Az: 5 B 993/95)

On 8.8.1996, the bavarian culture ministry wins against four
scientologists who had tried to prohibit them to distribute material
critical to scientology in a magazine for schools. (VG München, Az: M 3
E 96.2692)

On 13.8.1996, scientology withdraws a a lawsuit against the state of
Hessen. The state president had said that he anxiously watches the cult
activties, and that it should be fought on a federal level. Scientology
sued, and later withdrew the lawsuit, and have to pay the costs.
(VG Wiesbaden, Az: 4/3 E 1000/92)

# On 6.9.1996, the stuttgart state court lifts a TRO that scientology
had asked to prevent the postbank from closing scientology's bank
accounts near Ulm. Scientology had unsuccessfully argued that 17 banks
had refused to open an account for them; the postbank had successfully
argued that 400 banks exists in the area.

--- Tilman Hausherr        [KoX, SP4]

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