Scientology and the Courts, Miscellaneous Related Materials

Last revised: January 25, 1997


News Reports of Cases. Often, information about the many cases involving scientology worldwide is gained through news media or postings on the usenet group alt.religion.scientology.

Articles discussing scientology litigation.

Intellectual property issues Recently the Church of Scientology has brought a number of actions under federal copyright and state trade secret law seeking to prevent the dissemination of COS documents on the Internet. Set forth here are some materials concerning intellectual property rights that are of interest with respect to the scientology cases.

Actions involving scientology and other groups

The Cult Awareness Network has been a target of scientology litigation for years.

Anti-Slapp Suits. Many of the cases brought by the COS have been described as "SLAPP" suits: "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation." A new web site has been established by the California Anti-SLAPP Project at This site contains the text of court decisions in Anti-SLAPP litigation brought in California and other states, as well as information about Anti-SLAPP legislation.

Help for the inexperienced. This web site is intended to be used by anyone with an interest in the subject matter, but it may be daunting to those without experience in reading and researching judicial options and other case materials. Some may find it helpful to go to READING AND UNDERSTANDING COURT OPINIONS for a brief introduction to the subject, including the concept of precedent and some information about citation of court opinions.