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Paulette Cooper vs. Scientology



Foster Report issued in Great Britain.
  Sir John Foster, K.B.E., Q.C., M.P.:
Enquiry into the Practice and Effects of Scientology
26 June - Susan Meister commits suicide aboard the Apollo.    
Summer - Tower Publications, Inc., New York, published Cooper's book, "The Scandal of Scientology".   Paulette Cooper:
The Scandal of Scientology
December - Church of Scientology of California vs. Paulette Cooper, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court, Docket No. C18558. Church sued Cooper and Tower Publications for $300,000 for "untrue, libelous and defamatory statements about the Church."    
"The Mind Benders" by Cyril Vosper published by Neville, Spearman, London.
  Cyril Vosper:
The Mind Benders


30 March - Cooper sues Church for $15.4 million in damages in New York Supreme Court. Paul D. Rheingold was Cooper's attorney. Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of New York, et al., Supreme Court of State of New York, County of New York, Index No. 6732/72.   Letter from Sara Northup -
Hubbard's second wife - to Paulette Cooper
1 April - Article about Cooper's lawsuit appears in New York Times.    
7 November - Nibs records videotaped interview retracting his testimony against Hubbard in IRS trial.   GO reports on Cooper:
6 December - Stationery stolen from Cooper's apartment by woman soliciting funds for United Farm Workers. Cooper resided at 16 East 80th St., NYC.    
8 December - NY Church receives first bomb threat.
13 December - NY Church receives second bomb threat.
  Bomb threats
15 December - Cooper moves to new apartment at 300 E. 42nd St. FBI questions Cooper about bomb threats.    
"Inside Scientology" by Robert Kaufman published by Olympia Press, London.   Robert Kaufman:
Inside Scientology


4 February - Cooper's neighbors receive letter smearing Cooper.

9 May - Cooper indicted for bomb threats and perjury by federal grand jury.

19 May - Cooper arrested and arraigned.

October - Dr. David Codden administers sodium pentathol to Cooper and questions her regarding bomb threats. No written report is issued, according to Cooper.
The Awful Truth About Scientology. The Realist 97-B.

October - U.S. Attorney agrees that if Cooper undergoes continuous psychiatric treatment for one year, government would file a Nolle Prosequi after the completion of therapy.


February - Cooper begins work as stringer for the National Enquirer, which remains her major source of income through at least 1982.

3-7 March - Series of articles on Church of Scientology published in St. Louis Post- Dispatch. Eric, Nancy, and John McLean of Toronto, ex-Scientologists, interviewed for the series by reporter Elaine Viets.

May - Church of Scientology of California sues James E. Adams, Elaine Viets, Eric, Nancy, and John McLean, and Pulitzer Publishing Co. for defamation in California Superior Court.

9 May - Church of Scientology of California and U.S. Churches of Scientology dismissed from Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of New York, Index No. 6732/72.


Cooper sued in Great Britain - Church of Scientology and Paulette Cooper (Spinster), High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division, No. 1975-C-No. 8345.

Church of Scientology of Detroit, Michigan, vs. Paulette Cooper and John Does and Mary Rowes, persons to be ascertained, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, No. 75-70203.

February - March - Theft of Cooper's file from psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Cath's office in Belmont, MA.

25 March - Claims against the McLains in the Church of Scientology defamation lawsuit against St. Louis Post-Dispatch dismissed.

16 September - U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York files a Nolle Prosequi which disposed of the indictment pending against Cooper.
Nolle Prosequi with a comment by Maureen Garde