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Paulette Cooper vs. Scientology



January - Flynn in Los Angeles for settlement talks, which fail.

22 January - John Seffern deposed in Church of Scientology of California, Inc. v. Paulette Cooper, Southern District of New York, CV-79-2053 (RMT). Seffern refused to answer certain questions, claiming attorney/client privilege.

23 January - Church of Scientology appeals $2 million damage award to Julie Christoffersen to Oregon State appeals court in Salem, OR.

30 January - Gabor Szabo and Church of Scientology reach out-of-court settlement over lawsuit and counterclaim.

9 March - Flynn files Paulette Cooper v. Church of Scientology of California, Inc., Civ. #81-681-Mc (Federal District of Mass.) seeking $25 million in damages.

9 March - Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upholds ruling by District Judge Ben Krentzman that a civil rights lawsuit filed by Church of Scientology against Mayor Gabriel Cazares is "groundless and frivolous."

8 April - First Amended Complaint filed, Cooper vs. Church of Scientology Boston, Inc., et al., CV #81,681-Mc.

April - June - Flynn hired by City of Clearwater to prepare report regarding Scientology.

May - Flynn holds meeting with 8 lawyers regarding Scientology litigation.

June - settlement talks with Flynn initiated by Jay Roth for Church.

10 June - Church of Scientology of California motion to compel John Seffern to answer certain questions he refused to answer at deposition on 22 January 1981 is granted. Church of Scientology of California, et al. v. Paulette Cooper, No. CV-79-2053(RMT).

17 June - Mitchell Hermann jailed by federal district judge Ben Krentzman in Tampa for contempt of court for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating attempts to undermine political career of former Clearwater mayor Gabriel Cazares.

July - meeting of CoS lawyers in Atlanta

August - CoS lawyer Silverglate files Bar complaint against Flynn (total of 4 filed in 1981).

August - Garrison v. Flynn et al., Civ. #81-2609T (Federal District of Mass.); defendants included Kevin Flynn, Paulette Cooper. Ellen and Chris Garrison deprogramming lawsuit.

20 August - Steven Miller v. Michael Flynn et al., Civ. #81-4275 (Federal Central District of California); defendants included Kevin Flynn, Joseph Flannigan, Lev Fedyniac, Pat Osler, Dr. John G. Clark, Jr., Edward Walters, Jack Chancellor, Paulette Cooper, and Bruce Hoenig. Another deprogramming lawsuit.

1 September - Eugene Methvin, editor of Reader's Digest and author of articles critical of Scientology, asks judge to quash subpoena compelling his testimony in Church of Scientology's 3-year-old lawsuit against Paulette Cooper.
Scientology: The Sickness Spreads. Readers Digest

13 September - Church of Scientology executive director international Bill Franks announces that Guardian Jane Kember replaced and Guardian's Office reorganized. States that Mary Sue Hubbard resigned office "about a year ago" and that L. Ron Hubbard has served Church only as a consultant since 1966.

3 October - U.S. Court of Appeals for District of Columbia upholds constitutionality of 1977 FBI searches and seizures in Church of Scientology offices.

December 1981 - Gerald Armstrong leaves Church of Scientology, taking with him about 2 percent of the accumulated biographical documents he collected as L. Ron Hubbard's archivist.

28 December - Judge Clinton Olsen dismisses Church of Scientology lawsuit against Ted Patrick and three others for lack of cause of action in Multonomah County, OR.

Cazares v. Church of Scientology, Civil No. 81-3472-CA-01, Volusia County Circuit Court, (FL, 1981).

Church of Scientology of California, Inc. v. Michael Flynn, Thomas Hoffman, Thomas Greene and Kevin Flynn, CV-81-3259-CBM; CV-81-


15 January - Third Amended Complaint filed in Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of Boston, Inc., et al (CV-81-681-Mc), by Flynn's partner Thomas Hoffman.

27 January - Memorandum and Order by Judge McNaught in Paulette Cooper v. Church of Scientology of Boston, et al., Civ. 81-681-Mc (District of Massachusetts, 1982). Motion granting substitute service on L. Ron Hubbard affirmed. Motion by plaintiff for real estate attachment denied without prejudice to renewal at a later time.

24 March - Paula Dain files $30 million lawsuit in Los Angeles against deprogrammer Ted Patrick and nine other people, including Paulette Cooper and Nan McLain, for violation of her civil rights during Patrick's deprogramming attempt of her in 1979. Dain is represented by Scientology lawyer Donald Randolph.

About April - Cooper's main counsel becomes law firm of Hollingsworth & Pappas. Primarily represented by Wayne Hollingsworth and David Banash.

5 May - Clearwater Scientology hearings. Scientology Victims Defense Fund rally held after hearings close. Paulette Cooper's testimony before the City of Clearwater commission

8-11 June - First Cooper deposition in Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of Boston, et al. (CV-81-681-Mc).

1 July - Cooper's Fourth Amended Complaint filed in Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of Boston, et al (CV-81-681-Mc), submitted by David Banash of Hollingsworth & Pappas law firm.

9 August: Judgement entered in Cooper v. Church of Scientology of New York, et al.: Supreme Court of State of New York, County New York (index 6732/72): Summary judgement against Cooper (statute of limitations), complaint dismissed, no costs.

13 August: Notice of appeal filed by Cooper in Cooper v. Church of Scientology of New York, et al. Supreme Court of State of New York, County New York (index 6732/72)

23-24 September - Second Cooper deposition in Boston.

Sept. 24 - California Superior Court Judge John Cole issues order that 21 boxes of L. Ron Hubbard's personal documents held by Gerry Armstrong will be placed under the control of the county clerk.

19 November - Memorandum and Order issued by Judge John J. McNaught in Cooper v. Church of Scientology of Boston, et al., CV-81-681-Mc. Motion by plaintiff to amend complaint a fourth time allowed. Motion to dismiss Church of Scientology of California from lawsuit allowed. Motion to dismiss Church of Scientology of Boston denied.

Summary judgment issued in Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of New York, Index No. 6732/72. Case dismissed because relevant statutes of limitation had been exceeded. Costs not assigned.

Flag Service Organization, Inc. v. Michael Flynn and the City of Clearwater, Civil No. 82-440- CIV-T-WC (Tampa, FL, 1982).


7 January - Mary Sue Hubbard sentenced to serve four years in Federal Correctional Institute, Lexington, KY, and fined $10,000. Sentencing was delayed after 1979 conviction pending an exhaustive study of her medical condition.

24 January - People magazine publishes article on Church of Scientology. Flynn claims he has filed charges against the church and its officers for 32 clients in 22 cases across the country.

31 January - Time magazine publishes article on Church of Scientology.
Richard Behar: The Cult of Greed and Power. Time Magazine.

February - Enid Vien, director of the Church of Scientology's Flint, Michigan, mission, resigns from Church and sends a scathing letter to Church officials in Los Angeles. In her letter, she said, ''I can no longer support a church that bleeds its parishioners, abuses its staff, uses fear tactics to ensure everyone at least pretends to agree and engages upon coercive tactics to sew its missions up.'' Despite the criticism, Ms. Vien said she still believes in Scientology technology and in Scientology as applied religious philosophy.

14 February - L. Ron Hubbard sends a handwritten letter to California Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan. Letter states: "I am alive and well and working at my own trade (as a writer)." He rejected as "false and ill-informed" claims that his estate is being mismanaged. Letter was dated 3 February.

14 February - Church of Scientology of California, Inc. v. Michael Flynn, Thomas Hoffman, Thomas Greene and Kevin Flynn, No. CV-83-896-CBM (Central District Calif., 1983). $42 million abuse of process lawsuit for damages and permanent injunction charges Flynn and his co-attorneys with attempting to extort a $1.6 million legal settlement from the Church.

20 February - Rocky Mountain News publishes 7,000-word handwritten letter purported to have been written by L. Ron Hubbard.

22 February - Supreme Court refuses to review 1982 Oregon Court of Appeals decision to overturn $2 million damage award to Julie Christoffersen Tichborne. (No. 82- 1025) Church of Scientology Mission of Davis v. Christofferson (Ore CtApp, 57 OrApp 203, 644 P2d 277): (No. 82-1036) Christofferson v. Church of Scientology Mission of Davis (Ore CtApp, 57 OrApp 203, 644 P2d 577)

3 March - Ontario Provincial Police raid offices of Church of Scientology in Toronto, seizing 250,000 documents in a 20-hour search.

20 April - Judge John J. McNaught issues Memorandum and Order staying proceedings in Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology Boston, Inc., et al. (CV-81-681-Mc) pending resolution of Cooper's counterclaim in Church of Scientology of California vs. Cooper (CV-78-2053, U.S. District Court, Central District of California). Judge McNaught cited "the near identity of the allegations" made by Cooper in the two cases as his grounds for concluding that the stay was warranted. A decision in the California court, he said, "will narrow the issues before this court and assist in their determination."

26 April - Superior Court Judge Leon Savitch rules that 21 boxes of documents in Gerry Armstrong case will not be returned to the Church of Scientology but will remain in court custody pending the outcome of the trial.

20 May - Judge Hennigan gives Ron DeWolf's lawyers three weeks to discredit declaration by L. Ron Hubbard filed in court as proof that Hubbard was alive and well.

31 May - Boston Globe reports that Robert Dardano and Warren Friske filed affidavits in court stating they were recruited by the Church of Scientology to perform "dirty tricks" for the Church.
Boston Globe article

June - Nibs interview appears in Penthouse.

12 June - St. Petersburg Times publishes story that millions of dollars in Church of Scientology funds were diverted to L. Ron Hubbard's personal use through the Religious Research Foundation. Church officials deny charges.

13 June - Judge Hennigan dismisses suit filed by Ronald DeWolf seeking to take over management of his father's estate. The judge also rejected a motion that Hubbard resolve the case by appearing in court, saying the man had a constitutional right to his privacy.

30 June - California Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan releases written decision that L. Ron Hubbard "is not a missing person."

11 July - Michael Flynn found in contempt of court by California Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan for releasing documents sealed by the court to Julia Dragojevic, Flynn's co-counsel in another case. Flynn ordered to pay $250 fine.

14 July - Bent Corydon and others file counterclaim for $42 millions against Church of Scientology, Scientology Missions International, Guardian's Office, Religious Technology Center, and Heber Jentzsch.

5 August - Defamation lawsuit for statements made regarding plane incident.

15 August - Church of Scientology files defamation lawsuit against Michael Flynn in U.S. District Court in Boston for statements made suggesting that the Church had infiltrated Volusia County, FL, court offices.

6 October - City of Clearwater commissioners pass charitable solicitations ordinance aimed at curbing money collections by Church of Scientology.

Flynn files lawsuit against L. Ron Hubbard and Church of Scientology.

Scientologist Paula Dain files $3 million civil rights lawsuit against Paulette Cooper for attempting to keep Nan McLain from testifying during a grand jury investigation of deprogrammer Ted Patrick on kidnapping charges.


16 January - Libel actions against Michael Flynn is dismissed in Church of Scientology of California, Inc. v. Michael J. Flynn, CV No. 83-2386-MA District of Massachusetts (578 F.Supp 266).

Late January - Ms. Burden's attorney, Michael Flynn of Boston, and a former high-ranking church member contended in sworn statements that the church tried in 1982 to compromise U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman, who was then hearing the Burden case. According to the statements, private investigators for the church wanted to lure Krenztman onto an 81-foot yacht, then offer him prostitutes and drugs while secretly recording and filming the events. The alleged plot was never carried out, Flynn said. Krentzman said he was never aware of any such plan.In motions filed January 31, church attorney Paul Johnson included affidavits from private detectives Richard Bast and Robert Keefer, who both denied attempts to "set up" the judge. In his affidavit, Bast said he personally supervised an investigation "designed to establish contact with local realty, banking and business interests ... for the purpose of gaining information concerning any possible conspiracy against the church ..." He said his investigators developed a cover story that they represented "wealthy foreign investors interested in real estate in Florida." "In preparing for the investigation, Judge Krentzman's name as well as the names of other public figures, were mentioned. I was specifically instructed with respect to Judge Krentzman that there was to be no effort made to make contact with him, and that instruction was followed."

28 March - U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Kovachevich ruled that the Clearwater ordinance intended to regulate the fundraising activities of the Church of Scientology and other religious organizations was unconstitutional.

7 April - The Economist reviews L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth," calling it "an unsubtle saga, atrociously written, windy and out of control."

3 May - Trial of former Church of Scientology archivist Gerald Armstrong begins in Los Angeles. Armstrong is represented by Boston attorney Michael Flynn.

7 June - Judge William Byrne dismisses charges against Nan McLean, Paulette Cooper and LA attorney Richard Akemon in Paula Dain's lawsuit against deprogrammer Ted Patrick, citing insufficient evidence to implicate them in a conspiracy with Patrick.

11 June - Paula Dain awarded $7,000 in compensatory damages by a federal court jury in $30 million civil rights lawsuit against deprogrammer Ted Patrick. Jury ruled that Patrick had violated Dain's civil rights and freedom of religion, but determined that Patrick did not act "with evil intent" or in "reckless and callous disregard for Miss Dain's safety."

21 June - California Superior Court Judge John Breckenridge absolved Gerald Armstrong of any liability in taking thousands of personal documents belonging to Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and his wife. The Church had sought unspecificed monetary damages and the return of all documents which had been impounded by the court for two years. The judge said that about 500 of the documents, previously under seal, would become public records open to public inspection or use in other lawsuits. Documents not used in the trial would remain under seal with the court until Armstrong's $15 million countersuit against the Church for alleged fraud and misrepresentation is heard. Armstrong said he took the documents, which he had been using for a biography on Hubbard, in order to protect himself against the Church. Church attorney John Peterson said the decision would be appealed.
Breckenridge decision

22 June - Michael Flynn, when interviewed about Judge John Breckenridge's decision, called it the "beginning of the end" for the Church of Scientology.

25 June - California Court of Appeals issues a temporary stay order keeping L. Ron Hubbard's personal papers under seal pending final determination by a higher court. The papers were entered into evidence in the Church of Scientology's lawsuit against Gerald Armstrong.

3 July - U.S. District Court Judge W. Arthur Garrity threatens to dismiss Lavenda Van Schaick's lawsuit if she does not submit to a psychiatric examination as ordered by the court. He ordered her to pay reasonable expenses, including attorney's fees, for her failure to cooperate during a court-ordered psychiatric interview.

11 July - New York Times publishes article in which they interview Gerald Armstrong, Laurel Sullivan, Kima Douglas, Howard Schomer and Edward Walters. They accused Hubbard of diverting millions of dollars of church money into his own overseas accounts and stated that Hubbard still controls operations of the church but has turned over daily operations to David Miscvige and Pat and Annie Broeker.

19 July - Ronald DeWolf pays $6,382.71 for court costs incurred during his unsuccessful 1982 suit to gain control of L. Ron Hubbard's estate.

20 July - Personal papers of L. Ron Hubbard were placed under protective seal by the California Supreme Court, pending its decision on whether it will hear the church's appeal of a Superior Court judge's decision to release the materials. The exhibits were evidence in Los Angeles Superior Court case C420153, Church of Scientology of California v. Armstrong.

23 July - Judge Sir John Latey condemned the Church of Scientology as "corrupt, sinister and dangerous" in remarks he made at the end of a six-month custody battle over two children. The children's father, a Scientologist, and their mother, who left the cult, both sought custody of the children. Judge Latey awarded care of the children to their mother.
Latey judgement

20 August - U.S. District Court William H. Byrne ordered Ted Patrick of San Diego to be permanently barred from attempting to deprogram Paula Dain.

21 August - The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta enjoined the city of Clearwater from enforcing a controversial city ordinance governing public solicitations.

3 September - New York Times reports that Eugene Ingram has given Federal authorities an affidavit signed by Ali Tamimi, who asserts that he once collaborated with Flynn to pass a forged $2 million check written against an account held by L. Ron Hubbard. Flynn calls the claim "an outrageous attempt to frame me" and claims that Scientologists have been traveling around the country giving press conferences about him. In a telephone interview with Paulette Cooper, she states "and now they're trying to do the same thing they did to me to Michael Flynn."

19 September - Boston jury finds Scientologist Roger Sylvester liable for $1,000 medical costs for injury of Dr. Lawrence Stifler's knee in a scuffle. Lawyer Michael Flynn had asked for damages of $3.25 million in the lawsuit.

24 September - U.S. Tax Court upholds the removal of tax-exempt status from the Church of Scientology, ruling that it "made a business out of selling a religion" and that church funds inured to the benefit of church officials. Church ordered to pay $1.4 million in back taxes for the years 1970 through 1972.

25 September - U.S. District Court Judge William Byrne Jr. refuses to dismiss $2 million dollar lawsuit filed by Scientologist Paula Dain against Paulette Cooper. Trial scheduled for February 5, 1985.

25 September - U.S. District Court Judge William Byrne Jr. refused to dismiss a $3 millions civil rights lawsuit against Paulette Cooper, accused by a Scientologist of intimidating witesses in a criminal investigation of cult deprogrammer Ted Patrick. Paula Dain filed the lawsuit in 1983, claimed that Cooper had tried to threaten a potential witnss in another case in San Diego in 1979. Don Randolph, Dain's attorney, said Cooper harassed Canadian exit counselor Nan McLain to keep her from testifying during a grand jury investigation of Patrick on kidnapping charges. Cooper allegedly told McLean her reputation within the deprogramming community would be ruined if she spoke out, saying she would be cut off from legal defense funds provided by n anti-Scientology group. The trial is scheduled to begin February 5th.

3 October - Appeal by Church of Scientology of California of dismissal of defamation lawsuit against Michael Flynn. District court dismissed the suit with prejudice. Appeals court reversed and remanded the decision. Church of Scientology of California, Inc. v. Michael J. Flynn, No. 83-6494, U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit (744 F.2d, 1984).

23 October - Church of Scientology brings $20 million civil rights lawsuit against lawyer Michael Flynn, his brother Kevin Flynn, his partner Thomas Hoffman, and Laurel Sullivan.

23 October - U.S. Tax Court upholds I.R.S. ruling that three Church of Scientology members could not deduct payments to the church because they received benefits in return. The Scientologists who filed the lawsuit were Katherine Jean Graham, Richard M. Hermann and David Forbes Maynard.

23 October - Mary Sue Hubbard files a $5 million lawsuit against her stepson Ronald DeWolf and his attorney Michael Flynn, charging "massive fraud" in his 1982 effort to have his father declared legally dead or mentally incompetent.

27 November - Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that L. Ron Hubbard's personal papers, entered as evidence in the Church of Scientology's lawsuit against Gerry Armstrong, couple be opened for public inspection starting 20 December.

19 December - Oregon Court of Appeals denis motions by two California affiliates of the Church of Scientology to intervene as defendants in Martin Samuels' $60 million lawsuit against L. Ron Hubbard. The decision by the court upholds a ruling by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Charles Crookham.

19 December - U.S. District Court Judge Harry Hupp refuses to block a state court from releasing the personal papers of L. Ron Hubbard. Mary Sue Hubbard had filed a complaint in district court, claiming a violation of her right to privacy.

20 December - Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist denies request from Church of Scientology to prevent release of thousands of pages of L. Ron Hubbard's personal papers.

20 December - Judge Lawrence Waddington of California Superior Court granted a temporary restraining order sealing L. Ron Hubbard's personal papers, entered as evidence in the Church's 1982 lawsuit against Gerry Armstrong's case, in response to an emergency lawsuit filed by the Church of Scientology members who claimed their right to privacy would be violated by making the papers public. The papers had been released just hours before the order was granted to reseal them.


16 February - Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement signed by Church of Scientology of Boston, Inc., Church of Scientology of California, and Church of Scientology of New York, Inc., and Paulette Cooper. Michael Flynn signs agreement as Paulette Cooper's legal counsel.

28 February - Stipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice filed, Paulette Cooper vs. Church of Scientology of Boston, et al. (CV-81-681-Mc).

4 March - Paulette Cooper signs affidavit regarding Michael Flynn.
Affidavit of Paulette Cooper

21 March - Church of Scientology files Cooper affidavit in lawsuit against Flynn in Los Angeles.

10 June - Lavenda Van Schaick settles lawsuit for $150,000, Civ. No. 79-2491G (Federal District of Mass.)


16 December - Church settles outstanding lawsuits. Settlement reported to exceed $5 million and to involve at least 15 different lawsuits.

31 December - Attorney Lawrence Levy files $1 billion class-action lawsuit against Church of Scientology, alleging fraud and breach of fiduciary trust. Six former members, including Mary Maren, named in lawsuit as Freedom for All in Religion (FAIR).