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DG Comm US                          7 September 1972
Guardian Comm WW                    cc: DC Comm US
The Guardian WW                         CS-G Comm
DG Info WW                              CS-G

DG Info US

                       RE:  INTELL US WEEKLY REPORT
                            W/E 7 September 72

Dear Mo:

SITUATION:  Michael Sanders, ex-IRS Attorney in attack
against Church, connected with Kaufman, Cooper and Nibs
in PT.

WHY:  Unknown

HANDLING:  We have two agents infiltrated in office where
Sanders presently works.  Files on Scientology will be

SITUATION:  Paulette Cooper still at large.

WHY: Right data has not been obtained and utilized.

HANDLING:  Dunn & Bradstreet report obtained on her supposed
boyfriend Bob Straus.

HANDLING:  Rundown and transcripts of two radio shows Cooper
and Nibs appeared on obtained and sent to WW.

HANDLING:  Her academic transcript obtained from City
University in New York and more specific info on her
attendance at Columbia University obtained.

HANDLING:  Obtained Dunn and Bradstreet report on Mautner
Co.  This company connected to Cooper family and Kaufman.