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Paulette Cooper vs. Scientology



"The Road to Total Freedom" by Roy Wallis published by Heinemann, London.
Roy Wallis:
The Road to Total Freedom

29-31 January - Cooper deposed in Toronto lawsuit.

11 June - Michael Meisner and Gerald Wolfe caught by FBI in DC courthouse.

12 June - Hubbard flees DC for hideout in California.

Cooper sued in Australia - Between: The Church of the New Faith, Inc. and Miss Paulette Cooper and Tower Publications, Inc., No. 4297 of 1976.

October - Hubbards moved to ranch near La Quinta, CA.

15 November - Quentin Hubbard commits suicide in Las Vegas, NV.

5 December - Church settlement with Cooper. Cooper agreed not to republish or comment on book. Cooper signed statement that 52 passages were "erroneous or at best misleading" and assigned copyright of "Scandal of Scientology" to Church of Scientology of California, Inc. Church paid Cooper's legal fees.


20 June - Michael Meisner surrenders to FBI.

8 July - FBI raids Church of Scientology offices in LA, DC. Seizes 48,149 documents from church premises.

15 July - Hubbard flees La Quinta, spends remainder of year hiding out in Sparks, CA, with Diane Riesdorf, Claire Rousseau and Pat Broeker.

12 October - FBI agent Russell Cicero informs Cooper of evidence to support her claims of Church harassment in seized Church documents.


2 January - Hubbard returns to La Quinta; Mary Sue Hubbard moves to LA.

29 April - Washington Post article says Cooper's $15.4 million lawsuit against Church still pending. Gives Cooper's attorneys as Paul D. Rheingold of New York and Virgil Roberts of Los Angeles. Claims an "investigation" of matter by FBI offices in New York City under way.

25 May - Church of Scientology of California vs. Paulette Cooper, Breach of Contract, Specific Performance, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, Case No. 78-2053. Cooper's attorney John P. McNicholas files $10 million counterclaim.

June - Church of Scientology of New York vs. Paulette Cooper, Supreme Court of New York, Breach of Contract; No. CV 79 -2053(RMT), Southern District of New York. Counterclaim filed by Paulette Cooper.

19 June - "Snapping" by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman published by Lippincott.

9 August - Cooper files $20 million damage suit against Church of Scientology of New York, in New York Supreme Court, County of New York, Index No. 16000/78.

14 August - Cooper interview published in People Magazine article on Church of Scientology

15 August - Mary Sue Hubbard and 8 others indicted by federal grand jury on theft, burglary, conspiracy and related charges.

21 August - Cooper lawsuit reported in Publishers Weekly.

7 December - Cooper deposed in New York cases.


Church of Scientology of California v. Siegelman, 481 F.Supp. 866 (S.D.N.Y. 1979)

22 January - Article about Cooper lawsuits appears in New York Times.

6 February - Cooper deposed in California case (CV-78-2053).

March - Hubbard flees to apartment in Hemet, CA, with Kima and Mike Douglas.

July - Flynn takes on LaVenda Van Schaick as a client.

8 October - Mary Sue Hubbard et al. agree to plead guilty to one count each in return for stipulation rather than trial.

19 October - Flynn airplane incident.

26 October - Mary Sue Hubbard et al. convicted in Federal Court, D.C. by District Court Judge Charles E. Richey.

9 November - U.S. District Court, D.C. District, makes some of documents seized in FBI raids available to the general public.

November - Cooper speaks at anti-Scientology rally in Clearwater, FL, organized by city councilman Richard Tenney. Cooper and Michael Flynn first meet.

14 December - Flynn files Van Schaick lawsuit Civ. No. 79-2491G (Federal District of Mass.)


3 January - CoS Nevada v. Thomas Hoffman et al., Civ. #LV-80-10-HEC (Federal District of Nevada); defendants: Lavenda Van Schaick, Kevin Flynn, Hoffman (Flynn's associate), Edward Walters (Flynn's client).

15 January - CoS files Bar complaint against Flynn.

21 January - Supreme Court refuses to hear Church of Scientology appeal to recover documents seized in 1977 FBI raid.
Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan 25, 1980

6 February - Jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo files $21 million lawsuit against Church of Scientology for embezzlement and kidnapping in Los Angeles.

7 February - CoS files Bar complaint against Flynn.

13 February - Cooper signs independent contractor agreement with private investigator Richard Bast at $2,000/month plus expenses. Bast, in employ of Founding Church of Scientology, masquerades as investigator for wealthy European industrialist seeking information against the cult.

End of February - Hubbard flees to ranch near Creston, CA, with Pat and Annie Broeker.

March - CoS Boston v. Michael Flynn et al., Civ. #40906 (Suffolk Superior Court, Mass.). Flynn plus four clients for theft of documents from Boston Church.

27 March - Federal grand jury in Tampa investigating CoS plan to take over Clearwater.

3 April - CoS files Bar complaint against Flynn.

10 April - Three Bar complaints against Flynn dismissed by Mass. Board of Bar Overseers.

14 April - Sylvana Garritano gives interview with Riverside, CA, newspaper. She is co-plaintiff in Lavenda Van Schaick RICO lawsuit against Church of Scientology. Ms. Garritano tells newspaper that L. Ron Hubbard runs Church of Scientology from Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, CA.

18 April - Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (New Orleans) orders CoS to pay lawyers fees and double costs for frivolous appeal of slander suit filed against John and Nancy McLean.

25 April - Tonja Burden v. CoS California, Civ. #80-401 Civ. Tk (Federal Middle District of Florida). Michael Flynn is Burden's attorney; suing for $3 million.
May - CoS Nevada v. Hoffman dismissed in Federal District Court of Nevada.
May - CoS Nevada v. Kevin Flynn and LaVenda Van Schaick, Civil No. 196880, Nevada Circuit Court.
May - Mary Sue Hubbard ousted as Controller of Church of Scientology by David Miscavige.
Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult, Reader's Digest
15 June - Cooper's friend John Seffern learns that Richard Bast is working for Church of Scientology.

28 June - Church of Scientology lawyers file motion for U.S. District Court Judge Charles R. Richey to remove himself from criminal trial of Jane Kember and Morrison Budlong, scheduled to begin July 7. They present tapes from private investigator Richard Bast as evidence of judge's bias.

25 July - Appeals Court seals 23,000 Operation Snow White documents, remands case back to District Court Judge Richey.

29 July - Church of Scientology files $2 million lawsuit against Ted Patrick in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Oregon.

3 August - Elizabeth Eagleton Wiegand and her attorney Stephen E. Poludniak arrested and charged with extortion and conspiracy in St. Louis.

5 August - Ted Patrick acquitted by jury of kidnapping Paula Dain, a Scientologist. The jury was unable to reach a decision on false imprisonment charges and a mistrial was declared.

???27 August - Southern District of NY libel case judge refuses to find summary judgment in CoS suit against critics.

27 August - Ted Patrick convicted of kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap and false imprisonment of Roberta McElfish in San Diego, CA. Sentenced to one year in prison.

September - CoS Nevada v. Michael Flynn, Civ. #202573 (Nevada Circuit Court), claiming conspiracy and abuse of judicial process.

19 October - Washington Post reports that Michael Hershman leaves government deputy auditor general position to join "legendary private eye" Dick Bast at International Investigations.

21 October - Lawrence Stifler v. CoS Boston et al., Civ. #44706 (Suffolk Superior Court, Mass.), filed by Flynn; $1.25 million damages sought. Stifler is a psychologist and marathon runner who claims cult recruiter damaged his knee in a scuffle.

November - CoS Nevada v. Michael Flynn dismissed by Nevada Circuit Court.

10 November - CoSC v. IRS trial begins.

19 November - CoS files Bar complaint against Flynn in Mass.

26 November - Jane Kember and Morris Budlong found guilty in Operation Snow White.

? - Marjorie J. Hansen v. CoS Boston et al., Civ. #41074 (Suffolk Superior Court, Mass.), filed by Flynn.
Scientology's War Against Judges, The American Lawyer, December 1980