Downloading Page TNT and DPBox

Here you will find the newest versions of all parts of the DPTNT package in downloadable form. In addition release notes and all documentation can be browsed. Check this page frequently, updates will be put here.

Be sure to install always the newest components of the DPTNT package. A mixing of old and new versions may not work and can lead to heavy problems!

In the actual Linux-Kernels all interrupts are disabled during data-transfer to or from an IDE/EIDE harddisk. This will lead, even with a FIFO-16550, to missing characters. Therefore the program 'hdparm' must be used to enable the interrupts during data-transfers.

Example for first IDE-disk: 'hdparm -u 1 /dev/hda'

You are strongly encouraged to install hdparm on your system. If you don't have a hdparm archive available you can download hdparm.tgz here.

TNT - Hostmode Terminal Program
Actual version: TNT V1.0a1 (97/02/02) released 97/02/02
Test version: TNT V1.1alpha3 (97/04/06) released 97/04/06

DPBox - Bulletin Board System
Actual version: DPBox v5.07.00 (97/05/15) released 97/05/15

TFKISS - Software TNC Emulator
Actual version: TFKISS V2.7b (96/10/05) released 96/10/20

BOXSTART - Watchdog for the DPTNT package
Actual version: BOXSTART released 95/08/08

DPBOXT - Standalone Sysop Console for DPBox
Actual version: DPBOXT V0.2b (96/01/20)

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Mark Wahl, 11.04.1999