News and fixes to DPTNT (last update 99/04/11)

Problems compiling TNT with S.u.S.E. Linux 4.3

Many people using S.u.S.E. Linux 4.3 distribution report that compiling is cancelled with the following line or similar:

'/usr/i486-linux/bin/ld:  cannot open -ltermcap'

The reason for this is that the library 'libtermcap.a' is located at a wrong position and is not found by the linker. This is a fault in the distribution and no problem of TNT!

There is an easy cure for this problem:

- go to directory /usr/lib :
  'cd /usr/lib'
- create a symbolic link to the library:
  'ln -s /usr/lib/termcap/libtermcap.a libtermcap.a'

Now compiling should work without problems. Maybe S.u.S.E. can fix this in a next release?

Message 'No cursor motion capability (cm)'

Some people report that when TNT is started from a crontab entry, they get the message:

'No cursor motion capability (cm)'

The reason for this message is, that the environment variable TERM is set to a terminal type, which is not capable of positioning the cursor.

To overcome this situation instead of starting TNT (or boxstart) directly from the crontab file, a shell script with the following contents must be started:

#! /bin/sh
export TERM=console

You surely have to adapt the path to tnt (or boxstart).

Compiling problems with actual kernels

In the actual kernels the definition for the 'fd_set' structure was changed. Up to now 'struct fd_set' was known, now it is not known. Therefore all programs of DPTNT package cannot be compiled anymore with the actual kernels.

It is very easy to solve this problem: replace in all files the occurance of 'struct fd_set' by simply 'fd_set' (remove the struct in front). To find the affected files 'grep' can be helpful.

New Maintainers of TNT

There are new maintainers of TNT, there will be no further version distributed by me or located on these pages, please have a look at the following pages:

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Mark Wahl, 11.04.1999