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My name is Robert Jasiek. On KGS I am known as "sum". I started playing in 1991, am a German 5 dan since 1998, and live in Berlin. Go is so fascinating that I am not just a player but also a researcher in go theory and writing strategy books (my first on josekis are in work again and might be finished this year).

The motto of my work is: quality of contents. Therefore in personal teaching, I spot and concentrate on the student's weaknesses so that he knows where and what to study next for improving as quickly as possible. The standard go teacher teaches by examples: He points out particular, wrong moves and shows particular variations. I go far beyond that by teaching general principles and concepts so that one learns to apply newly acquired knowledge to many shapes and positions.

Each teaching method has its advantages and disadvantages. In teaching by examples, each piece of information is small and so can be grasped lightly but one needs 100,000 pieces. In teaching by principles, each piece is mighty and therefore requires more intense thinking immediately for the advantage that just 1,000 pieces yield the same. Neither method is necessarily better per se. Some find it easier to learn killing a nakade by being shown 100 examples while some prefer the general principle "Start at the vital point, i.e., the intersection on that the defender could cut the eye space into two or more separate eyes!". A student should first identify his preferred way of learning and then take a teacher suitable for it.

I am often asked why an amateur dares to teach for an honorarium. Let me return a question: How many professional go players in front of a demonstration board have you seen that would have been able to teach by principles systematically? I have seen many professionals but only a tiny number of them could answer whichever question about generalized thinking I posed. Why then do all those professional players dare to teach? Answer: Their teaching is helpful for those preferring to learn only by examples.

Why choose me as a teacher? Because I meet the needs of your learning style that asks for generalization, principles, concepts, and efficiency!

What do my pupils say about me? "Crystal clear!" "Profoundly useful!" "Strict teacher who does not let the pupils circumvent their mistakes."

Lessons and Samples

You can choose between online teaching on KGS and written teaching in English or German. The options below are standard offers (the thinking time is the total for both players together) but, of course, the customer is the king: Other combinations, thinking times, discussion times, structures of written material, etc. can be negotiated. Needless to say, more time and greater quality of contents relate to higher fees. In particular, played games can be even or handicap. You might get the same or a greater portion of our total thinking time. You can ask me to use or avoid a particular playing style. Accept all your mistakes or allow me to undo your worst blunders. Etc. Teaching can be as flexible as strategic choices.
For 10 lessons of the same type, there is a 20% discount.

Contact and Payment

Please write me an email to <jasiek@snafu.de>. After agreement on a teaching format, advance payment can be made by PayPal or International Money Order.

* =  These are the endconsumer prices in EUR according to UStG 19 (small business exempted from VAT).

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