Detailed Commentary on Three Games of player_B 3 Kyu

by Robert Jasiek


Short Commentary on Game 1

(player_B is Black.)

Short Commentary on Game 2

(player_B is Black.)

Short Commentary on Game 3

[Note: Normally there are some 20 variations per game. The much greater number of variations here is just an accident caused by the reviewer's curiosity.]

(player_B is White.)

Generalized Mistakes of player_B

Various Occasional Weaknesses Typical for a 3 Kyu

Unlike quite some other players, you do not have several major weaknesses but many different minor / intermediate weaknesses. Although this means that you should study all those aspects of the game (gote, efficiency, moving ahead, shape and its completion, endgame and its timing, relevance of stones, helping yourself instead of the opponent, etc.), they have something in common: You do not pay enough attention to details. Do not make just some move for a particular purpose but make the best move for it!

Not Enough Reading

Knowing in advance what will happen is essential for choosing the locally right move, its timing, or the globally best strategic choice. Invest more energy in reading ahead and consider more move alternatives during the imagined move-sequences! The variations give you examples of what to think about in complex situations.


This is your most frequent type of mistakes. Before you make a move, verify whether it is indeed possible and whether it does achieve the desired purposes. This requires reading ahead that replaces dreams by facts. Your overplays are scarcely of the careless nature but are of the not sufficiently studying the details (the verification by reading) nature.


All your mistakes have something in common: You do not invest enough attention and effort in details.

Therefore you should change the way or method of thinking and planning about deciding on your next move (each of your moves!): Have I verified that it does work, achieve its aims, and agree to the aspects of go theory?