Hartmut Pohlheim

Till June 1998 I was Ph.D.-Student in the Dynamics and Simulation of ecological Systems Group of the Department of Computer Science and Automation at the Technical University Ilmenau, Germany. Currently I am working for DaimlerChrysler AG, Research and Technology, Berlin, Germany.

Buch "Evolutionäre Algorithmen - Verfahren, Operatoren, Hinweise aus der Praxis"

Mein neues Buch "Evolutionäre Algorithmen - Verfahren, Operatoren, Hinweise aus der Praxis" ist im Springer-Verlag erschienen (Oktober 1999). Ausführliche Informationen mit Leseproben, Literaturverzeichnis und Glossar sind unter www.pohlheim.com/eavoh/index.html zu finden.

Research Activities


* Ph.D. Thesis
"Development and Engineering Application of Evolutionary Algorithms"
* Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox for use with Matlab
Implementation of Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms in Matlab, provides a tool for implementing a wide range of evolutionary algorithms.
* Evolutionary Algorithms
Theory and application of Evolutionary Algorithms.
Population models of Evolutionary Algorithms, competition between subpopulations
Advanced visualization techniques for Evolutionary Algorithms
* Genetic Programming
Generation of structured process models using Genetic Programming.
* Application of Optimization Techniques (mostly Evolutionary Algorithms)
Optimal Control of greenhouse climate using Evolutionary Algorithms.
Simulation and Optimization of Ecosystems (blue-algae growth model).

Publications (PDF, HTML, PowerPoint, Postscript) covering these areas are available from the archive [update June 2000].

Collection of Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithm and Genetic Programming Implementations for Matlab and Java


* Curriculum vitae [update July 1998]

* Research Experience [update July 1998]

* List of publications [update March 2001]

How to contact me

Hartmut Pohlheim
Brodberg 38
D-14532 Kleinmachnow

Tel.: +49 33203 79166

email: hartmut@pohlheim.com
Hartmut Pohlheim
DaimlerChrysler AG
Forschung und Technologie
Alt-Moabit 96a
D-10559 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 39982 456
Fax: +49 30 39982 107

email: hartmut.pohlheim@daimlerchrysler.com

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