A Miscellany:

An ophicleide some music:

A WINTER ALBUM: An online collection of small pieces for piano by 15 composers 

Melodica!: An online collection of pieces for melodica solo and ensemble by 13 composers

Some scores by Douglas Leedy/Bhishma Xenotechnites:   Long-Wave Quintet, Watergate Rounds, H5N1 (Environmental Music)

A great piano piece by Markus Trunk: TrunkRiten.pdf
Croquet some reading:

A previously unpublished article by composer Robert Erickson

A 1974 interview with Douglas Leedy from EAR magazine.

The Gravity Resistor's Pension Fund Orchestra.
Maltese Cross I grew up in Southern California and have a typical Angeleno's obsession with the movies.  Here are some flicks I like.

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