The troubles! The turbulence!

Concerning the true history of the Gravity Resistors´Pension Fund Orchestra

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Among the many uncertainties in the history of the Gravity Resistors´ PFO, one certainty does stand out: that the Orchestra would never have been formed if not for the sudden cancellation of Alphonzo Houston and the Houstonettes, and the desperate attempt by the promoters to save a few pennies in wake of this misfortune.

About Alphonso Houston

DJW would appreciate hearing from any past or present (or for that matter, future) members of the GRPFO who have any details to share about the history of this notorious organization, including performances, members, the croquet pitch oath, works played, bribes paid, dirigible journeys, alien abductions, and especially any details about the mysterious disappearance of Becky, the Queen of the Gravity Resistors´Pension Fund Ball...

And then again, there is the matter of the seven arpeggiating Bechsteins gently descending onto the stage of the Hollywood Bowl, under the protective grip of expert hang gliders.

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