It is a strange thing to search for the plush dolls, cause they aren't 
produced anymore since 1985. That means I have to track them
down at second-hand markets all over the world, most are from 
US-american or canadian collectors.
There exist 3 categories :
Dolls in perfect condition, they look like they were brandnew
(unplayed with). Some are still boxed : Sellers want up to 
70 USD each one + Mail.  Too much in my opinion, so I have 
only a small number of available items of that category.
Dolls in good condition, they are used but don't have holes or
scratches. Sometimes the tags or little accesoires are missing. 
In this category you should calculate approx. 45- 60 USD + mail.
Dolls with holes, tears or bigger scratches in the eyes. I don't like 
to deal with them, 'cause in my opinion they are not useful for a 
gift or memory. If available, prices are between 20-35 USD + mail.

As you can see, it is not a cheap thing, to collect them. Usually my 
competitors pay high prices. They are as crazy for the toys as all 
the people are, who ask at my door. Sorry for that, I'm still searching 
for better ressources, but could not find a single one until today.
Red and Wembley are the most wanted plushes of the Fraggle-
family and the HASBRO-Toys are bit more expensive than the 
TOMY-items. For overview, please check this site here...
If you are from outside Germany please add 6.00 US $ for mail. 
In case that you want insurance against loss or damage please 
tell me, I must ask how much it would cost for the country you 
live. If you prefer to inform yourself about conditions of our lovely 
german post, check it out
right here....... or take a look on our
table of shipping costs......
You may think : »too expensive«, but you must know that I had to 
transfer some money to US, had to pay the mail of the Fraggles to 
here and now I have to pay the transfer back to somewhere.
That is why I tell everybody from the States : Try to catch them 
while they are in the US. If I have them here - the price rises.
Anyway - if you want to order something, please take a look here »»»
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