Harassment Diary

Paulette Cooper, 1982

Subject:      Paulette: (2) What I've finally decided to do
From:         paulettec@aol.com (Paulettec)
Date:         1997/08/22
Message-Id:   <19970822132701.JAA20586@ladder02.news.aol.com>
Newsgroups:   alt.religion.scientology
Last year, when I found myself in a similar situation on a.r.s. to what is happening now - that is, incorrect information and guess work about the past being circulated and archived - I met with one of my former lawyers to see if he still had any documents from those years that would refresh my own memory, and clarify many of the issues being discussed.

Until he found it, I had totally forgotten that around 1982, one of my lawyers had asked me to write down all the harassment of me I could remember from the previous 12 years. Sort of a harassment diary.

I e-mailed it to Marina, who read it and urged me to post it, and I also told a few other close a.r.s. friends about it who thought the same. But I was -- and still am -- hesitant, to do it. Nonetheless, I sent the document on to Keith Henson, who was kind enough to scan it (and kind enough to tell me he thought it would make fascinating reading even if it had nothing to do with Scientology).

I have finally decided to post it - probably beginning Tuesday - because it discusses several things that have come up on a.r.s. about the first frame-up (1972-3), what Scientology seemed to have done to try to successfulily frame me a second time (technically called "Operation Freakout") the mysterious attack on Joy, the anonymous smears letters sent by Scientology about me, other harassment, plus the role of various people you've heard of (e.g., L Ron Hubbard Jr.)

I will try to post portions of it once or twice a week. If anyone wishes to put it together cumulatively as I go along and add it to their web site, they're welcome to. I will not add anything to the actual material but I may explain a few items, and edit out some (with dots so you can tell where) which I think are irrelevant, too personal, or confusing. Don't make too much of minor discrepancies in this material with other things you've read, and don't consider it important if something isn't here or isn't dwelled on. I vaguely recall that I had to do it all in one draft, since it was very difficult emotionally for me to write, forcing me to relive those horrible events.

(Partially for that reason, I don't plan to engage in an online dialogue about the diary -- indeed I'm unlikely to even read any of the follow-up posts -- so please don't post questions for me or expect me to further clarify any material at this time. Thanks.)

Paulette Cooper

  1. My background
  2. Why I Got Involved
  3. The Gun Incident
  4. Horrible Smear Letter Arrives
  5. My First Grand Jury
  6. The Bomb Threat Letters
  7. Frame-up: The Big Grand Jury
  8. Telling My Parents
  9. Arrest
  10. Falling Apart
  11. Breaking Down
  12. Suicidal
  13. Deterioration
  14. The Greenes; L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
  15. Suspicions about L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
  16. L. Ron Hubbard Jr.'s Letters
  17. Hypnosis, truth serum, etc.
  18. Paranoia?
  19. Betrayal by Jerry, etc.

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