Harassment Diary

by Paulette Cooper, 1982

My 1997 editorial comments are enclosed in [[double square brackets]]. Also, I have added some paragraph breaks.

Part 15: Suspicions about L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

[[Note: this entry and the next one are important historically because they show that Nibs (L. Ron Hubbard Jr.) appeared to have been involved in the frame-up of me, for which he received a house and/or money.

[[It is also important after he told Roy Wallis -- author of "The Road to Total Freedom" -- about some of his involvement, and Roy threatened to testify at my trial about Nibs's statements and letters, (which he photocopied), the government began to realize I might have been framed and started to back down from trying the case against me.

[[The minute I saw the bomb threat letters for the first time I knew that Nibs was involved in the frame-up because he was the only one who knew I said something, and there was no way Scientology could have known it except through him. The incriminating phrases in the letter were something like: "I hurt. My operation."

[[Remember, that I said earlier in this "diary" that I had spent about a month (after major abdominal surgery) working with Nibs on a forward to Bob Kaufman's book. I had just gotten out of the hospital and it was too early for me to be working and I was still in a lot of pain.

[[I was recuperating at my parents' home and my mother would frequently come over to where we were working and ask me how I was feeling or how my stomach was and I'd usually say: "I hurt" or "It hurts."]]

My suspicion that Nibs was also involved was strengthened greatly, when, in obtaining letters of all possible suspects for document analysis that summer, I disovered that in his handwritten letters, the same type of errors that appeared in the bomb threats (writing things like "lll", "cant", "a exploding" etc.) appeared repeatedly in his unedited letters (his wife later retyped them for him).

I had assumed that someone was feigning illiteracy but Nibs really was uneducated. Furthermore, that letter to my parents could have been written by Nibs also, especially since he kept seeming to try to reach out to them.(1)

My suspicions about Nibs [[L. Ron Hubbard Jr.]] turned into an obsession that he was involved [[in my frame-up]] in August when he was interviewed by a mutual friend of ours, Dr. Roy Wallis [[author of "The Road To Total Freedom"]].

He seemed to be very honest with Roy, said he was angry at me, but that he didn't like Scientology either. Yet they had pressured him (he told someone else they had blackmailed him) into leaving the anti-Scientology scene, although he insisted that he had never rejoined them.


(1) Oddly enough, in November of 1972, right before the bomb threats were mailed, Nibs wrote my parents a letter stating that I should keep my eyes open and implying that bad things might happen to me. Was he in fact trying to ensure that my parents wouldn't think he was behind what he was about to get behind?

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