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How to read a Guardian Order

compiled from postings by Neal Hamel and Dean Benjamin

The three weekly intelligence reports posted by RonIsXenu have headers like this:
   DG Comm US                                 6 November 1972
   DG US
   Guardian Comm WW                           CS-G Comm
   The Guardian WW                            CS-G
   DG Info WW

   DG Info US

                        RE:  BUREAU IV US WEEKLY REPORT
                        W/E 2 November 1972
Each bureau head was required to write a weekly report to her/his senior on next higher echelon. Note the header "BUREAU IV US WEEKLY REPORT". Intelligence was then called Bureau IV. It later became Bureau I or BI. In the GO the person who originated the communication was the person lowest on the list of posts. To help differentiate, the originators often included their name below a line and everyone else to whom it was being addressed above it. As I recall this was a requirement in an HCOPL. I will annotate the routing so you can see the sequence it was supposed to travel.

This means that the GO was written by DG Info US and then routed to

  DG Comm US
  Guardian Comm WW
  The Guardian WW
  DG Info WW
with carbon copies to
  CS-G Comm
It is not absolutely clear who held the post of DG I US when the GO was written. Neal Hamel believes that Terry Milner was taken off this post in 1973 or 1974 and replaced by Dick Wiegand which would make him a likely author of these GOs.

At this time, the DG I US (and the whole GO US) was located in a building right around the corner on Bonnie Brae street, sharing the same parking lot with the L.A. Org. Neal Hamel recalls the address for the L.A. Org was 20005 West 9th Street.

Some persons the GO was addressed to:

The GOs were then routed further through the hierarchy: Some of the acronyms mean (see also Martin Hunt's list):