Dakinis in Jurts
Women Choed-Masters of Mongolia/

Dakinis in Jurten - Chöd-Meisterinnen der Mongolei

A video document by
Wolf Kahlen
German, 1994/95, 108 minutes
Choed is a Büddhist Vajrayana ritual, which has been practiced,
intensively and perpetually, especially by women in Mongolia,'
who could not live a life as ordained nuns, since ordination had
been refused to them by the monks of the leading Gelugpa lineage.
(A specific historic phenomena in Mongolia at the time of the
extinction of Buddhist belief in the country by the Russians
and by selfdestruction in the thirties)
Just a few of them, now in their eighties, have survived, having
practiced their forbidden ritual secretly.
The exercises took place in the deserted steps, in secluded
parts of the mountains and on moonlit cemeteries.
The aim of the ritual is to offer all parts of the practitioners
body to the called demons and local deities in order to
abandon the selfish, ego-centered cling to life and bodily
posessions, and become unselfish. and selfless.
This film is the portrait of two extraordinary old women,
masters of Choed, reborn dakinis (goddesses of the sky), of one
reborn male dakini, and of a younger nun, who teaches the ritual
to Mongolian girls, who want to follow the traditions.
The dakinis live in the far east of Mongolia, in Gobi desert or
lived (one of them died only a few months after the documentation)
near to Ulan Baatar.
The film does not unveal illegally the privacy of the ritual,
but depicts empathically the aura of the Choed-mas.

Second edition, Signed and numbered copy Euro 155,-

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