Choboi, 87, Mongol, Monk, Choed-pa/

Choboi, 87, Moench, Lama, Choed-pa

A video document by
Wolf Kahlen
German, 1996/97, 53 minutes
A hand full of (very) old surviving monks of Mongulia are
of the secret spiritual traditions and lineages
and of hold back historic knowledge of the extinction
of Tibetan Buddhism some 70 years ago.
As an accumulator they have stored the wisdom or ceased it.
Some cells of the batteries are dead already.
As an accumulator delivers its energy regardless to anything
connected, they may use their knowledge
for the secular as well as for profane interests.
And they do so.
Choboi Lama, 87 years old, practises Choed, a ritual of
Sacrificing the Ego, symbolically of his own body,
day by day, night by night.
The document presents the entire ritual in its shortest
version. As far as non-initiated lay man may see it. It quotes
the essential text passages, but does not show the secret
practices on cemeteries. These I saw but I would never show.
You don't do that as a Buddhist.
It should
only be depicted in works of art.

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