The Ruine der Künste Berlin
is a private space for material and immaterial arts.
Opened in 1985, it is a project space initiated,
built, funded and directed by
media artist Wolf Kahlen.

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For over 20 years, from 1985 to 2005, Wolf Kahlen
has invited artists and interdisciplinary scientists
to work and live, exhibit, show and lecture at the
Ruine der Künste Berlin :
initiating temporary, site-specific works and thoughts
developed exclusively for the
Ruine der Künste Berlin.

The Ruine der Künste Berlin
is a subtle architectural space,
a conceptual sculpture,
which Wolf Kahlen inserted into the splintered, perforated shell
of a bombed out and burnt out building
situated in west Berlin's Dahlem residential area.
The facade itself was created by Russian gunshots
in early 1945 and the building was left
abandoned for nearly forty years, until Wolf Kahlen
began constructing his space in 1981 and started inviting artists...

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