Wolf Kahlen
Intermedia artist, professor at Technische Universit?t Berlin, Dept. of Architecture
Born 1940, working in photography (since 1956), painting, drawing and printing (since 1960), video (since 1969),
sound (since 1970), performance (since 1968), architecture (since 1972), ethnological documentary video (since 1985),
working with all phenomena and materials, as well as animals and plants, all the elements,
founder of the Videoforum Berlin (1970/71), ADA I and II (Aktionen der Avantgarde,
together with Wolf Vostell and Jörn Merkert) 1973 and 1974, Architect and Director of Ruine der Kuenste Berlin since 1985,
since spring 2003 building the new Wolf Kahlen Museum at Bernau near Berlin
wolf.kahlen@ tu-berlin.de

Muttertisch/Mother Table, 1996
Recent Solo Exhibitions
Nichts als Staub/Nothing but Dust, Video-, Photo-, Sound- and Dust- Installations, Peking Art Museum ,1996;
Turn Table Shanghai, Sound- and Dust-Installations, Shanghai Art Museum, 1998;
Black Holes and Turn Table Hong Kong, Goethe Institute Hong Kong, 1998;
365 Zeit-An-Sagen (365 Answers on/in Time), Museum of Installation London, 1998;
Inhaling Time-Exhaling Space, video-, photo-, sound- and dust-installations, ITPark Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan, 1999;
Durch-blicken/Per-ceiving, Studio Huangrui, Osaka, Japan 1999;
365 Zeit-An-Sagen (365 Answers on/in Time), DRS 2 (Schweizer Rundfunk), 1999

Retrospective Part I :Pictures of (n)one Exhibition,   Part II: On Impermanence, Ruine der Kuenste Berlin, 2000

Retrospective, Part III, Raumsegmenet and Drapes 1965-1969, Ruine der Kuenste Berlin 2000-2001,
Tibet, Mongolia, China, Video documents, German Cultural Center Taipeh, 2001
Retrospective, Part IV, Since Gutenberg: Books/Photos/Internet, Ruine der Kuenste Berlin, 2001
see also future


Turn Table Shanghai, 1998, Tables, Sound of Dogs Barking, 12 m long

Recent Radio/TV/Internet Presentations

Wolf Kahlen- Tibet, Mongolia, China - Video documents, A Retrospective,
Goethe Institute Hong Kong, 1998, see: videotapes
365 Zeit-An-Sagen/ 365 Answers on/in Time, Sender Freies Berlin
SFB3, ten and a half hours program, 1997
On ephemeral and etherial arts, Internet Live Conference, Museum of Installation London, 1998
365 Zeit-An-Sagen/365 Answers on/in Time, DRS2, Swiss Radio, full day Sept.,9, 1999 (9.9.99)

        wpeB.jpg (9592 Byte)
       Roman Desk, 1998, wood, found letters like stones, dust, TV, tape of dust in light beam

(Haus am Waldsee Berlin, Die R?mische Spur, 1998, Städtische Galerie Rosenheim, 2000)

Recent and at present (selection) Group Exhibitions / Internet Festivals
Rosenheim, Städtische Galerie, Die Römische Spur/The Roman Trace 2000
The Box, Travelling Exhibition of the Museum of Installation, London
Angel Row Gallery Nottingham 2000
Turnpike Gallery Leigh  and Museum of Installation London 2000-
The Electrical and Digital Art Show, University of Witwatersrand,
Johannesburg, South Africa 2000
In the Centre of the Eye of Art, Galeria Dzialan,Warsaw 2001
2.VideoInstallationspreis Marl, Skulpturenmuseum Marl 2000
Deutsche VideoInstallationskunst 1998-2000, Skulpturenmuseum Marl
and at: Kunstverein Hxrth, January 19 - February 11, 2001
and: Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen, March 2001
and: Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Mxnchen, May 2001
and: Neues Museum Schwerin, November-December 2001
and: Bellevue, Wiesbaden 2002
and: Heidelberger Kunstverein 2002
CYNETart, Haus der Kunst Dresden, November 2000
FILE-festival internacional de linguagem electronica, Sao Paolo 2000
ISEA 2000, Belfort, Dec 2000
Art and Communication 4, Riga, Aug 2000 Riga
Alternative Museum New York, Sept-Oct 2000 New York City
14. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Jan  2001, Stuttgart
Shoes or no shoes? Kapelgalerie Instituut Sint-Maria Antwerpen 2001
Nettkonst, Oslo 2001
German Cultural Center Taipeh, 2001 and Mongolian Cultural Center Taipeh
Web Lounge at Art Frankfurt 2001
Condominium, Italy 2001
6. EthnoFilmfest Museum Dahlem, Berlin 2001         
Positionen der Farbfotografie, Kunst- und Medienzentrum Adlershof, Berlin 2001
XXIII Moskow International Film Festival, Multi Video, Moskau 2001
Net-Art-Meeting Minsk, 2000
LITE show, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA 2001
APT Art Performance Technology, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 2001
Dirk Sommer und die Dirty Windows, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin 2001
CynetArt Dresden 2001
FILE, Electronic Language International festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2001
Splitski Filmfestival , Split, Kroatia Sept. 2001
Orbita, Word in Motion, LV
Shoes or no shoes, Caermersklooster Gent , July /August 2001
DIAN Artist of the month July 2001
Südwestfunk SFW Artist of the month Sept. 2001
Computer Space 2001, Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct. 2001
2002 2002 The International Day of Time-Specific Art
Imma.net.art Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin 2002
4. Festival Buddhismus im Film Wiesbaden 2002
Silence is (not) sexy, Barcelona 2002
Incubation, GB 2002
Wolf Kahlen - Tibet y Mongolia y China, video documentarios 1985-2002
Sa Nostra Galeria, Ibiza, ottubre 2002
mediatopia, Los Angeles 2002
Media Architecture-Art and Communication Festival, Riga 2003
The launch of [R]-[R]-[F] Version 1.0 will be on 1 July 2003, at
InteractivA '03 - Biennale for New Media Art at Museum of Contemporary Art Merida (Yucatan/Mexico)
Chiang Mai First New Media Festival , Thailand 2003
Biennale Mexico City 2003
Ars Film Festival, London 2002
XXIII Moskau Int. Film Festival
Salon y Coloquio International de Arte Digital., Havanna, Cuba
2002 2002 International Day of Time-Specific Art,
Imma.netart, Irish Museum of modern Art Dublin,
Wolf Kahlen - Sus expediticiones a Tibet, Mongolia y China - Video documentarios
Sa Nostra - Sala de Cultura, Ibiza y Formentera , Okt. 2002
Ciberpais, Madrid 2002
Buddhismus im Film, Wiesbaden 2002
Java Artist of the year 2001 Award
Cursor, NetArtExhibition, Korea 2001
Kaohsiung International Container Festival/Taiwan, Dec.01 - Jan.02
Virose / V_2 Organization, Porto, Portugal 2001
net_working, UK 2001
Computer Space 2001, Sofia, Bulgaria
Verse a sí mismo, Biblioteca de Salamanca, Spanien, 2006
Bez kamery, Nové Mesto nad Metují, Tschechien, 2006
Patriotysm jutra, Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdansk, Polen, 2006/07
Orilla#06, III Muestra Internacional de arte digital, Santa Fe, Argentinien
Wolf Kahlen: Pedres í pixels, Fundacion Sa Nostra, Palma de Mallorca, Feb.16 - March 30, 2007, catalogue
Wolf Kahlen: Video Retrospective, Directors Lounge, Kino Babylon, Berlin, Feb.8-18, 2007
Wolf Kahlen: Das Geräusch der Zeit (The noise of time), Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin-Steglitz, Feb. 20 - April 12, 2007, catalogue

net.art and net.sound.works

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