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World Amateur Go Championship Rules - Informal Summary


The World Amateur Go Championship Rules have been used since the First World Amateur Go Championship in 1979 on World Amateur Go Championships and on various other occasions. They are close to Japanese 1949 rules and also edited by the Nihon Ki-in. The rule text is shorter, concentrates on the rules of play, and uses less precedents. The original text is still very long (42 pages incl. diagrams) and thus has been summarized and reworded informally. Since the rules are not logical, go wisdom is a mandatory requisite for approximative understanding.


Nihon Ki-in Precedents



To Juergen Mattern for donating literature to the library of the Go-Verband Berlin. To James Davies for providing the [49] diagrams and comments. (I will appreciate a copy or photocopy of the Nihon Ki-in 1949 or the Taiwanese 1952 rules incl. diagrams in any language.)