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Examples 2


This page continues Examples 1 and presents and comments on important, difficult, and extraordinary examples. See also The New Ko Rules. In general the comments refer to the new ko rules. In many examples analysis and allowed MSs under the Ing ko rules are different even if often the same conclusion is drawn; ko mouths belong to the same ko position, if their so called settlement is entangled. The examples are also interesting for study under super ko. Conventions are defined.


Ko coupling with two ko mouths and an adjacent ko mouth

Triple ko stones (C3-C4 in Ing's SST Laws of Wei-ch'i / 1991)

Molasses ko

Triple ko and eternal life; At b shall be a B stone, at d shall be a W stone

Triple ko (one single ko stone and two double ko stones); at a shall be a B stone, at c shall be a W stone; B to play

A ko coupling and an adjacent ko mouth

A ko coupling and an adjacent ko mouth

Moonshine life

A main cause for Ing ko creation

A problem of definition

Quadrupel ko

Sending-2-returning-1 and bent-4


A strange DDeath

A strange DLife

A stable DLife

A stable DLife

A rare ko coupling

A one-sided stable DLife

Ring of 4 single ko positions


The infamous three ko positions

Ring of 4 ko couplings

A pavement of ko mouths

A pavement of ko mouths

Double ko with ko coupling of 4 strings

Two ko couplings and a fighting ko

Several ko mouths

FK or DDeath?