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General Specification

Sample Material

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General Specification

Author / Publisher Robert Jasiek
Language English
Size A5
Price (book) EUR 25
Price (PDF file) EUR 12.50

The book is available as a printed book or PDF file.

Edition 2012
Pages 212 with 4.5 diagrams per page on average

Details of the PDF file version (you can choose between file layout and book layout):

PDF standard PDF/A-1a
PDF version PDF 1.4
File layout inner margin = outer margin = 17 mm
Book layout inner margin = 20 mm, outer margin = 14 mm
Recommended minimal screen size 9.5"
Recommended printing size A5 or A5 on A4 or rescaled on A4 or on similar US paper formats
Password no password is used
Copyright only the author may distribute the file or copies made from it
License number in book possession of the license number entitles to free PDF file sent by the author
License number for PDF file proves legal copy, entitles to reduced price of the book version