Book as a PDF File

This page describes the details of a book purchased as a PDF file.

Delivery by email attachment
PDF standard PDF/A-1a
PDF version PDF 1.4
File layout inner margin = outer margin = 17 mm
Book layout inner margin = 20 mm, outer margin = 14 mm
Layout choice you can choose between file layout and book layout
Recommended hardware If your hardware displays the sample well, you can also read the book's PDF well.
Recommended printing size A5 or A5 on A4 or rescaled on A4 or on similar US paper formats
Password no password is used
Copyright only the author may distribute the file or copies made from it
License number in book possession of the license number entitles to free PDF file sent by the author
License number for PDF file proves legal copy, entitles to reduced price of the book version
Copyright text

At any time, the purchased book / file and license number form a unit. If this is a book, then creation of copies is the author's exclusive right. If this is a file, then distribution and commercial usage are the author's exclusive right and only the one person possessing the license number may have this file or any personal backups, copies or print-outs made from it.