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Perry starts again in USA

The following announcement is from John Foyt, who initiates the "rebirth" of the Perry Rhodan series in the USA, it is taken from a mailing list:

Hello Group,

It is now official...Perry Rhodan is returning to North America!

The information below was written for people on the English language Rhodan mailing list. However, please feel free to copy it to other lists or newsgroups.
There is some background information in this email for people unfamilar with Perry Rhodan.

Verlagsunion Pabel Moewig (VPM) and Vector Enterprises announce the return of Perry Rhodan to North America.
The first issue published by Vector will be issue #1800, titled TIME LAPSE and written by Robert Feldhoff. This is a recent German issue which is the start of a new cycle (storyline). The issue contains a foreword by Forrest J. Ackerman.

This issue will be previewed at the 1997 Science Fiction World Convention held over Labor Day in San Antonio, Texas, and will be released to retail in early October. Subscribers will receive the issue in September.

There will be a Rhodan themed booth at Worldcon which will contain the following:

  • Copies of TIME LAPSE, the English version of #1800, authored by Robert Feldhoff. Foreword by Forrest J. Ackerman, editor of Perry Rhodan in its previous English run. Come by for a copy!
  • Consumer products (for display now, but available soon from Vector)
  • Posters (display)
  • Rhodan books from the first English run
  • An ongoing demonstration of two upcoming Perry Rhodan CD ROM games
  • There will also be some Rhodan related programming at Worldcon. While these have not yet been confirmed, it is possible that there will be:

  • A lecture and slide show by Eckhard Schwettman and Klaus N. Frick on the the history of German SF in general and Perry Rhodan in particular. Mr. Schwettman is the Marketing Director at VPM, and Mr. Frick is the Editor in Chief of the Rhodan series.
  • Kaffeeklatsch with Robert Feldhoff, author of Time Lapse and head writer on the Perry Rhodan author team.
  • Autograph signing with Robert Feldhoff.
  • Display of Perry Rhodan fanzines.
  • Also, Vector will hold at least one Rhodan themed party at Worldcon.

    Perry Rhodan magazine will be published monthly following the October release. It is expected that the magazine will be published weekly, as is done in Germany, once readership grows.

    For people unfamiliar with the Perry Rhodan, it is a German Science Fiction series, created by authors Walter Ernsting and K.H. Scheer.
    It has been published each week there for 36 years. Published in a magazine format, each issue consists of a sixty page story, equivalent to about 120 manuscript pages. The genre is adventure Science Fiction.

    Perry Rhodan once had a ten-year run in North America. It is also presently translated and published in Japan, France, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

    Best Regards,
    John Foyt

    Vector Enterprises
    Contact name: John Foyt, President
    4335 Vineland Avenue, Suite 311
    Studio City, CA

    Phone: (818) 766 - 9240
    Fax: (818) 766 - 9144
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