Pianese Nunzio
Fourteen in May
(Pianese Nunzio
quattordici anni a maggio)
A parish priest fighting against the Mafia is subjected to an alleged character assassination regarding his abuse of a 13-year-old boy, to weaken support for him.

In the district of Sanità in Naples, ruled by unemployment, young priest Lorenzo Borrelli risks his life when he begins to stir up the population against the Camorra. As he has some success, the Camorra decide to shut him up without making a martyr of him. The local Mafia doesn't have to look very hard before uncovering a scandal in the form of the priest's "relationship" to 13-year-old Nunzio from his conformation class. But it turns out for both the Mafia and the police to be difficult to get to the boy, and the priest is not so easy to shut up...

We expect Pianese Nunzio Fourteen in May to be successful, judging by the enthusiastic reaction at the Rotterdam festival. Gay or straight, true fans of this film will gather in those places, where no feminists go.
ki, Rotterdam Berlin
seen during the:
26th International Film Festival Rotterdam
shown during the:
8th International GayLesbian Film Festival - Verzaubert 1998
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