The Girl of Silence
aka Fazafakka (Father Fucker)

A teenage girl, raped by her stepfather, finds security in an imaginary world.

1968: 14-year-old Shizuko lives in modest conditions with her mother and little sister, when one day, along with a new refrigerator, comes a new father, Ryoji, into the life of the family. Although he only visits twice a week he makes the women his own, in true text-book patriarch style: from the strict, pedantic upbringing, to Shizuko's body, as he finds an excuse to "punish" her for getting pregnant by a fellow pupil.

Although Ryoji forbids Shizuko to realise her dream of becoming a manga (comic) artist, he forces her through two years of his attacks, to train her mind to that of an imaginary alter ego in the form of a boy. He gives Shizuko new strength whenever she tries to defy her stepfather and has to suffer his reprisals.

ki, Berlin
translation: andrew

Deutsche Version

copyright: Queer View April 1997