I have been using Emacs under OS/2 for quite a while now. The last stable version I have been using was the port of Eberhard Mattes, version 19.33. A year ago or so, I tried to install the new port by Jeremy Bowen, version 20.3. I couldn't bring it up as it should be, so I dropped the idea of upgrading my Emacs as the porting enthusiasm has somehow ceased a bit. In November 2000 Jeremy Bowen has released version 20.6 of his OS/2 port and as I was forced to install my whole working environment anew after a bad disk crash, I decided to give it another try.
I finally suceeded to get everything going like it should and was even able to install packages like e.g. mailcrypt which I had not been able to install under Emacs 19.33 for OS/2 for some reason.

This document is an extended version of my old site-start.el which was accessible on my home page since 1997. I was never sure of whether it was of some use, but as I recently found some links to the old page on the WWW, I decided to write something down.

The following will give you a general walkthrough for installing Emacs under OS/2. However this is not meant to replace the existing readme files which come with Emacs or additional packages.
Please note: Whenever you will see this icon the text following shows the problem(s) I ran into when installing Emacs and some elisp packages and the workarounds and modifications I made to get around the problems.

Basic Installation
Basic Setup
More Setup...
German Language Setup
Installing additional packages (BBDB, Mailcrypt, tm)
Summary of installation/setup problems
site-start.el for Emacs 20.6
old site-start.el (19.33)
Useful links

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