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Digital Direct for Windows is a program which runs model trains without special interfaces under Windows 9x and NT/2000. The program generates all the information necessary for operation of digital locomotives and solenoids via the serial interface. Only a simple booster connected to the serial interface is necessary. DDW is very similar to Digital Direct for Linux .

The parts for generation of the digital information and their processing are taken with minor modifications from the erddcd Daemon which was developed by Torsten Vogt for Linux. Without his work and the developed conception DDW could not have been realized. DDW adopts the SRCP-Protokol (version 0.73 or 0.80) and can be used by any client.

With the client Gplan which is available on this site I used to operate my Maerklin digital model trains on an old Pentium I PC. The program has been developed further through the years and versions for Win7 with .NET support are now available.

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