Philippa Wright and husband from New Zealand

Dear Philippa, you and your husband have become such good friends for us and we want to thank you for all:
for every single of your nice emails, your posting in tripadvisor, your pictures which helped to improve several websites of Aswan Individual,
your sympathy and your love for Egypt and Nubia.

Our warmest regards to you and your husband, Petra, Mustafa and Waleed

Hi Petra

Thanks so much for everything, ...! Cairo was a huge shock to our system. In Cairo we were taken to shops, pushed towards $800 camel rides and other various scams and the hotel really made me panic about Aswan!

We had the most wonderful time with Mustafa! I am already thinking that will be the highlight of our trip. We had such a good time, we are just wishing now we were able to stay for longer. Our uncle and aunty are heading to Egypt soon and we will definitely send them to Mustafas.

And Waleed was great, Fatima was an incredibly informative guide and we learnt a lot. We really appreciate everything and have already passed on recommendations to people we have met on our cruise.

Thanks again for all your help (and putting up with my millions of emails).

Kind regards