Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you - if you are interested in ...
I was born in 1963. I am married and our daughter was born in 1984. I live in Falkensee.
This is a small town near Berlin, the capital of Germany. I have been collecting miniature bottles
since 1982. My wife gave me 12 miniatures as a Christmas present. When I asked her what to do
with these bottles (because they were various kinds of alcohol which I did not like to drink)
she said: 'Collect them!' I was very surprised and not sure whether I would really like to do that.

Over the next years I collected about 120 different bottles. WOW - I was so proud!!! I lived in the
old German Democratic Republic and it was not easy to get miniature bottles. There was a Miniature
Bottle Club in the GDR but, unfortunately, I did not know that. If I had known .....

After the reunification of Germany I started to collect more and more miniature bottles
from all over the world. By 1996 I had collected about 3,500 different bottles, mostly liqueur.
We lived in a small flat and there was no space any longer for so many bottles.
Additionally, liqueur bottles do not keep their value as long as other types of alcohol.
So I decided to stop collecting all kinds of alcohol indiscriminately but to start to
specialise my collection in whisk(e)y .

Additionally, I also collect different items relating to whisky: water jugs, ashtrays, trays,
key rings - whatever is available.

In 1999 I decided to concentrate my mind on Johnnie Walker. After this decision I did not collect
as many miniatures as I did before but a lot of Johnnie Walker items - the result you may see
on my homepage. Meanwhile we moved into our own house but even this is full of whisky and
whisky items but - if you are a collector too you will know - it is not possible to stop :-)

By now I had collected about 4,500 whisk(e)y miniature bottles and hundreds of different items
- all of Johnnie Walker items you may find on my homepage. I sold a lot of all the other items
and concentrated my miniature collection more or less to Scotch Whisky.

I am always interested in getting new items or new information about Whisky and/or Whisky items.
I would be happy if I can get some feedback from you about my homepage, about Whisky or about you
and your interests. You may contact me on this address:

You may find some links to homepages of collector friends - if you are interested, please take a look too.
Keep well and happy collecting too