Simplified World Mind Sports Games Rules

[Version 2. 2008-07-05. These are not the official rules but a simplifying proposal by Robert Jasiek.]

The game is for the two players Black and White, who use black and white stones, respectively.

The board is a grid of, by default, 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines forming 361 intersections.

A string consists of a stone and all same-coloured stones connected without interruption via lines.

A liberty of a string is an empty intersection adjacent via a line to at least one of its stones.

A capture is the removal of all opposing strings without liberty.

A play places a player's stone on an empty intersection and then performs any capture.

After a play, a position is the current distribution of black and white stones on the intersections.

A move is either a play or a pass.

The players alternate moves. Black starts on the empty board.

A play without capture may not create a player's string without liberty.

A play may not recreate a position just after any earlier play.

After the first succession of two passes, the players may

The score is

The game is