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18XX Variants' Rules

18XX / Rest Money


18XX / Conditional Initial Capitalization

[For quite some 18xx with initial capitalization this variant makes the game fairer. The second rule is needed only for 18xx that allow purchase of foreign shares.]

18XX / Peaceful Rules

[These are guidelines if you want to change the rules so that a stock trading game becomes a network construction game.]

1826 / Privates Auctions

[Distributes the privates fairly.]


1835 / Clemens

[Distributes the Start Packet more fairly.]

1841 / Naive German Rules

[Distributes the concessions fairly and improves a few other strategically questionable rules of original rules 1.00 modified by the FAQ 1.5. Precise German rules are called German Rules 1.5.1, see below.]


1841 / German Rules 1.5.1

[These rules override the 1841 rules 1.00 English, are derived from Steve Thomas' [FAQ 1.5], and include a few changes generally used in well known German circles. This derivation uses only those FAQ rules that are additional or regularly change the rules and that are not obvious implications from the original rules. Furthermore, this derivation makes FAQ rules more precise where necessary and further additional rules for completion are added. For additional FAQ rules that are obvious implications see the FAQ itself. Numbers refer to sections of the original rules.]

1841 / Zugzwang III

1856 / Selling Only After Having Operated

[This solves a design flaw of the original rules, where a player or a collusion of players got an unfair advantage from initial capitalization by other players than the director.]

1860 / Berliner Rules / 2009-05-01

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