Second hand and antiquarian literature on
Geology and Palaeontology

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Note: As we are working as geologists, orders may not immediately be confirmed or e-mails may not immediately be answered. This is due to the unevitable fieldwork, which can last some time. However, once ordered, the item is reserved. We will answer all incoming mail as fast as possible.

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Before you order, you should read this:

·         The literature is used. This means that it really looks sometimes like that. As it belonged to other geologists or to libraries before, you will find often enough signatures or stamps. This must be accepted as inevitable and it is normally not noted within the lists. However, if the amount of signatures or alteration becomes somewhat agitating, you will find comments.

·         Literature from eastern countries was often printed on low quality paper. Pages and covers, therefore, are prone to yellow. The plates, however, are normally not effected. If the paper is really yellowed, it is noted in the list.

·         All books are normally in an acceptable condition. Special notes on the quality will be found in the lists. If a description is considered to be not appropriate, the books may be returned within 14 days and a full refund will be given.

·         The prices are fixed and netto.

·         Postage, packing and insurance are not included and will be charged separately

·         First orders have to be paid in advance.

·         By reading this and ordering you are accepting our conditions.


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