Fraggle Rock - Gobo's School For Explorers  (No.6)
Alle Charaktere und Bilder sind 
Eigentum der Jim.Henson.Company

Gobo's school for Explorers

Gobo finds an Explorer's Handbook which was written by his 
beloved Uncle Traveling Matt. But when he tries to lead an 
expedition following his Uncle's rules, he winds up falling into 
»The Hole To Nowhere !«

Fraggle Rock is filled with fun-loving Fraggles, tiny, hard-
working Doozers, and three mountainous Gorgs (who think 
they rule the Universe). 

Their song-filled adventures take place in a magical underground 
land that lies right under Doc's workshop-and maybe just under 
your house too !. 

Running time is 30 minutes. 


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