Fraggle Rock Videos - Boobers Quite Day (No.4)
Alle Charaktere und Bilder sind 
Eigentum der Jim.Henson.Company

Boober's Quiet Day

Boober settles down to have a nice cup of lemonrind tea and a nap. 
But in his dreams he meets his goofy alter-ego, Sidebottom. 

Before long Boober finds himself lying to his friends, running sily 
errands all around the Rock, and dressing up as an old gypsy lady with 
a peg leg. 

Boober does not have a quiet day! 

Fraggle Rock is filled with fun-loving Fraggles, tiny, hard-working Doozers,
and three mountainous Gorgs (who think they rule the Universe). 

Their song-filled adventures take place in a magical underground 
land that lies right under Doc's workshop-and maybe just under 
your house too !. 

Running time is 30 minutes. 


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