The DPBOX Homepage

Last update: 27.04.2000

Welcome to the DPBOX Homepage.
This page is maintained by Joachim Schurig, DL8HBS.

DPBOX is an amateur packet radio mailbox for Linux and other unixes.
It is copyleft by GPL.
Although mainly used in a kind of telnet connection via amateur radio, it provides a small http interface, too.
Visit DB0SIF in Gießen, Germany to get a first impression of DPBOX, if you do not already know it.
Or check IK3GET for an italian version.

Go directly to the download/link page

Final version 6.00 released

This is version 6.00.00 of DPBOX. Feel free to download it.

Now using Active Routing

The main feature of release v6.00 is the implementation of an active routing model.
It frees system administrators in large from setting up forward definition files and allows messages to travel among the fastest network path.

Click here for a protocol description.

The RPM packages

OK, everyone now is using precompiled binaries. DPBOX joined the club. If you find a RedHat Packet Manager package for your system below, you simply have to install it as usual (rpm -U dpbox-XXX.rpm) and get a running DPBOX.
I am only able to create RPM's for the system I am using, currently a SuSE distribution (v6.3) with glibc and kernel 2.2.13.
Creation of an RPM package of DPBOX for another system configuration is easy: Download the dpbox.src.rpm package, install it (rpm -U ...) and type "rpm -ba dpbox.spec" (perhaps you should edit the dpbox.spec before to reflect the system type it is used for...).