ftp the Atari version of DigiPoint, dp410.zip from ftp.funet.fi

ftp a little leap year patch for DigiPoint, dppatch.tos from ftp.funet.fi

ftp the Atari version of DigiPoint, dp410.zip from ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de

Berlin, 3. January 1996

The DP410.ZIP archive contains the last and final version of Digipoint, the packet radio terminal/bbs/satellite calculation program for atari computers.

Version number is 4.10.00 from 31.12.95.

The packet terminal is wa8ded hostmode based, kiss and mini-modems are supported via software drivers. You can connect up to four TNC.

The BBS is fbb-compatible in store and forward. It can be set up as a public packet bbs or as a personal mail system. If wished, it "catches" the messages off the air by monitoring bbs readouts of other users.

The satellite calculations not only display orbit positions of satellites but can be used to command an apropriate rotary interface to let your antennas follow the space objects.

The program is multitasking-aware and fully grafical in its user interface.

You need at least 2 MB of RAM and a hard disk.

Digipoint runs fine on the macintosh atari emulator MagicMac, on 68k or PPC macs.

Digipoint is free for all licenced radio amateurs, but it still remains copyrighted by the author. You may not sell it nor use it other than in amateur radio networks. You may upload the complete archive to any network and you may publish it on freeware CD ROMs.

73s, Joachim, DL8HBS@DB0GR.#BLN.DEU.EU (packet radio)
jschurig@zedat.fu-berlin.de (internet)

Author of Digipoint.

email: Joachim Schurig, 01.11.1996