(updated March 2. 1998)

Signature Whistles ?

(Interesting Abstracts)

The following two samples are probably the acoustic signatures of the vocalizing pilotwhales.

Whistles which were produced every few seconds by free-ranging Globicephala mac., characteristic for signature calls.  

Whistle 1,  Duration = 0.95s   Play Sample

Analysis at 597ms: High number of harmonics

Wavesample from 525ms to 680ms shows amplitude modulation

Whistle 2  Duration= 0.75s  

Analysis at 503ms

3D - FFT by SpectraPlus 4.0

As shown in the spectrogram, many harmonic peaks get visible in this frequency analysis.

This whistle I would classify as non-signature whistle. This whistle contour appears in many variations of frequency and duration. The lower number of harmonics is significant.

 Duration=0.85s     Play Sample

Analysis at 259ms

Peaks at approx. 4.3, 8.7, 13, 17.3 and 21.6 kHz

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Technical devices: B&K Hydrophone, Aiwa DAT Recorder 48 kHz

Software used: Sounddesigner II, CoolEdit, SpectraPlus, PaintShopPro




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