432 MHz & up EME: Skeds, Directory, EMail addresses...

by Klaus, DL4EBY .

Find the latest 432 MHz & above EME schedules at: Skeds by K1RQG.

Find the current contents of the DUBUS 432 MHz & above EME Directory at: EMEDUBUS.TXT (ASCII). Note, that this file has been changed: An additional field at the end "comments" has been appended. Please report any difficulties with NOVA DOS/Windows, VK3UM EME Planner or other programs using this ASCII version of the database as input.

This file may also be used in various programs, such as W9IP's NOVA for DOS/Windows. The new version of the VK3UM EME Planner now directly accepts the EMEDUBUS.TXT file.
The first lines in this file contains the name of each field, delimited by semicolons. It is updated about once a month, so please let me know about any changes of your address, phone numbers, equipment, etc.

The EME Directory is also available as HTML file with clickable EMail links.

...and, if the moon went to sleep: use the EME EMail list by KD4LT.

Here you find the 2m EME Directory by W5LBT (go to Downloads)!

If you want to know which weekends were choosen as designated activity weekends, here is G3SEK's Lunar Calendar .

DUBUS Magazine

For technical articles on VHF, UHF and SHF (even up to 241 GHz) you might want to visit G4PMK's DUBUS pages, which  include past (technical) articles in PDF format. You will also find information on how to obtain the DUBUS Technik Books, or a one year subscription of the magazine.

For updates or changes:

Schedules,  sked requests and late changes to the sked list mailto Joe, K1RQG

and for Directory supplements mailto Klaus, DL4EBY
and for comments on the NetNotes: Joe, K1RQG
432 & up EME NewsLetter: Allen, K2UYH
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